10 More Examples of Awesome Careers Pages

Each day you strive to engage candidates and get them excited about your company. Even with engaged employee advocates and perfectly crafted InMails, piquing interest of candidates can be an uphill battle without a compelling careers page.

As it's usually the first thing a candidate sees, it’s important that your careers page makes a great first impression (and avoids some major career page pitfalls). We previously did a blog on 10 Examples of Awesome Careers Pages, and thought it was time to add a few more. Here’s some new inspiration and a few more examples of awesome careers pages!


big commerce career page

Why we love it: Along with pictures and quotes of current Bigcommerce employees, core values are laid out up front so candidates can easily see exactly what Bigcommerce believes in and looks for in its employees.


grovo career page

Why we love it: We know that Grovo takes culture fit seriously when it has defined what kind of person the team is composed of and looks for in its new additions. Hello Grovo Sapiens!

Course Hero

course hero career page

Why we love it: Course Hero does a great job of highlighting what life is like as an employee, including a video “Behind the Scenes at Course Hero" so candidates can hear directly from current employees.


houzz career page

Why we love it: In order to see job listings, candidates choose from one of the many locations of Houzz offices listed on iconic buttons. Candidates can see (and get excited about) all the places they can work and make an impact.


baublebar career page

Why we love it: Bauble Bar created a quirky and custom infographic to give candidates a look into life at Bauble Bar, including top lunch spots and favorite sports.


medallia career page

Why we love it: This example isn't technically a careers page, but rather a homepage that features scrolling job opportunities right up top. It's a great way to get folks thinking about working at Medallia just from a visit to the main homepage.


sift science career page

Why we love it: Along with all the reasons why working at Sift Science rocks, the careers page includes a list of open positions that opens the job description right in the same page. The candidate isn't leaving the page, and can go back and forth between job descriptions easily.

Main Street Hub

main street hub career page

Why we love it: Main Street Hub's careers page features an interactive look at current employees across job functions. Candidates can click through the different tabs and learn more about what it's really like to work at Main Street Hub straight from current employees.

Delphic Digital

delphic digital career page

Why we love it: Delphic Digital does a great job of highlighting its culture and perks, but also has a dynamic section dedicated to the company's Instagram account. This is a great way to bring social into the mix, and highlight just what it's like to work at Delphic through pictures.


inkling career page

Why we love it: Inkling highlights its commitment to work-life balance and collaboration, but also has a section dedicated to press pieces candidates might be interested in.

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