10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Greenhouse Open 2016

Greenhouse Open, taking place May 25-27th in San Francisco, may be the largest event for forward-thinking leaders in talent acquisition, people ops, and HR, but it isn’t your typical industry conference...

Don’t expect to just sit in your chair listening to presentation after presentation, fighting to stay awake—we’ve designed Greenhouse Open to be both interactive and actionable. We will feature hands-on workshops, case study deep-dives, and 20/20/20 format sessions, with 20 minutes each allotted to a speaker presentation, a peer-to-peer audience discussion, and mic time to share findings.

This unique combination of sessions enables you to learn from your peers while also getting access to the ideas, strategies, and stories of the smartest and most dynamic people in the talent acquisition, people ops, and HR industries. No death by PowerPoint here!

As a result, walk away with clear, actionable tips to go apply immediately in your role, empowering you to spur real change and make a measurable, lasting impact on your company. This is what will make Greenhouse Open the most memorable conference experience you’ve ever had.

For more information on speakers, agenda, and to register, check out our Greenhouse Open site here.

But wait—there’s even more to get excited about! Here are 10 reasons to attend Greenhouse Open 2016:

1. Choose from over 20 sessions covering numerous topics in talent acquisition, people ops, and HR

At Greenhouse Open, you can expect over 20 engaging sessions featuring more than 50 speakers from the world’s biggest talent brands, including Yahoo!, Dropbox, Indeed, and Box. Hear what they have to say on these core themes that are impacting all of us:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • People development
  • Recruiting metrics
  • Onboarding
  • And more!

2. Be at the forefront of The New People Teams revolution

Have you noticed? HR is undergoing a transition. More and more, we’re seeing companies build out People teams instead. What is causing this undeniable shift in the way our People functions are set up and viewed in organizations? Learn more about this shift and how it’s impacting our industry by checking out our session “The New People Teams” featuring this all-star line-up:

Maia Josebachvili, VP of People & Strategy at Greenhouse
Jason Buss, Director of Talent & Diversity at New Relic
Neil Frye, Head of Global People Ops at Dropbox
Joris Luijke, VP of People at Grovo

3. Learn how to write effective interview questions from tech talent leader Gayle Laakmann McDowell (CareerCup)

One of the hands-on workshops you can attend is led by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, tech talent leader and Founder & CEO of CareerCup. A former engineer at Google, Microsoft, and Apple, Gayle now works with companies on their technical interviewing and hiring practices. Clearly, she has been on both sides of the table and is eager to share her learnings firsthand in this interactive setting. Gayle will coach you to write useful technical interview questions that will help you to better assess technical talent and take control of your hiring process.

4. Learn how to implement a structured interview process from recruiting leader Jan Fiegel (Oscar)

One of the case study sessions you can attend is led by Jan Fiegel, recruiting leader at Oscar. If your interview process is unstructured, you may as well just flip a coin and hope for the best hire. A structured hiring process not only drastically improves your chances of making the right hire, but also keeps you focused on the most important criteria for selecting a candidate and helps you maintain objectivity in your process. In this session, Jan shares how he designed a structured process at Oscar, got the organization on board, and saw huge improvements in quality of hire.

5. Learn from diversity & inclusion trailblazer Joelle Emerson (Paradigm)

One of the 20/20/20 format sessions will be led by Joelle Emerson, CEO of Paradigm, where she partners with the world’s most exciting and innovative companies to help them build stronger, more inclusive organizations. With diversity & inclusion being an important topic in the talent space, we know that you must have some questions about how to best carry out such initiatives in your company—bring them! In addition, this session will cover diversity and inclusion program ideas, change management opportunities, and examples from companies of various sizes and industries. Come learn from our panel of experts and your peers around you.

6. Learn exactly what candidates are thinking (and use this information to your advantage) in our “Candidates Unplugged” session

Ever wanted to know exactly what candidates and new hires are thinking—the good, the bad, the (hopefully not) ugly—but were afraid to ask your own? Check out our session “Candidates Unplugged: The Candidate and New Hire Experience” where you’ll get to ask our panel of real-life candidates and new hires anything you want. Learn which tactics and processes work to contribute to a positive candidate experience and onboarding program—and which you should consider banning altogether.

7. Get real-time expert advice at our hiring “genius bar”

Have a burning question about interviewing or hiring? Look no further! Greenhouse Open will feature an area where you can get real-time advice and tips from our experts to help guide you in your interviewing and hiring practices, evaluate your recruiting performance, and help you understand how to best use Greenhouse to meet your goals. For instance, how can Greenhouse Analytics give you the insight you’ve been looking for into the ROI of your hiring processes?

8. Engage with other forward-thinking People-People through the new Greenhouse Open 2016 app

Not only is Greenhouse Open your ticket to join the largest community of forward-thinking Talent Acquisition, People Ops, and HR professionals, but you will also gain exclusive access to real-time conversations, insights, and content through our new, shiny Greenhouse Open app! Create your personal Open agenda to navigate the sessions, stay in-the-know about program updates, and connect with other attendees pre and post-event to keep the conversation going.

9. Take advantage of our other offerings for fun and relaxation

Get ready to take on the day and be at your best both mentally and physically by joining us at our featured morning yoga class. Then, after a full day of learning and interaction, it’ll be time to let loose at our event party! Enjoy our menu of delectable food and cocktails inspired by the Greenhouse brand, a live DJ, GIF booth, live art, and some other surprises…a night of rooftop fun and celebration awaits you.

10. Be inspired and inspire others

From mic time, where you’ll get to engage with our presenters and audience during the sessions, to video booths, where you can candidly share your insights on an array of topics, Greenhouse Open is a unique opportunity for you to be “open”—ask the tough questions, share your challenges and work through them, and get and give feedback to your fellow talent professionals. You never know who you’ll impact with your story and words—and who will do the same for you.

So, make sure to grab your coworkers (click here for a special group rate!) and join us for Greenhouse Open 2016 in San Francisco, May 25-27th, where you won’t just hear the conversation—you’ll be a part of it. Click the button below for more information like the daily agenda, location (including how to book your hotel room!), and the different ticket options.

Greenhouse Open 2016

Greenhouse Open 2016

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