10 Takeaways from GH Recruiting Optimization Summit


Whew! We’re still riding the high of an incredible week at the Greenhouse Recruiting Optimization Summit. We were blown away by the level of engagement during sessions, both offline and on social media! It was a blizzard of recruiting knowledge on everything from Twitter to Meerkat (even Periscope made an appearance). We’ve compiled 10 takeaways from the event, as told on Twitter.

For other awesome roundups of key learnings, be sure to check out John Sumser’s “Greenhouse Recruiting Optimization Summit: Five Take Aways” and Entelo’s “4 Things We Learned From Greenhouse Summit 2015.”

1. Focus on the impact the right hire can make

2. The A-team needs to be recruited differently

3. Use data to drive change

4. Have an effective interview process. Don't get burned!

5. Build a strong culture and employer brand

6. Be authentic - Wear your social media mullet!

7. Get Aligned with Hiring Managers

8. Be thoughtful and deliberate about your candidate experience

9. Our customers are brilliant, forward-thinking recruiters...

10. ...Who also like to have a good time!

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