14 Must-Read Recruiting Articles of 2014

14_Must_Read_Recruiting_Articles_of_2014A lot has happened this year in the recruiting world. Getting the right candidates through the door has remained the number one objective, but the tactics to get there are constantly evolving. Today, people are less focused on getting a high volume of candidates. Instead, they’re seeking to identify the “right” talent, the high performing employees with a proven track record. Providing a great candidate experience has been a key driving element in enhancing the recruiting process. We heard a lot of success stories from top industry leaders and tips from growing companies on how to make the number one objective achievable.

With just a few weeks remaining, let’s recap the 14 recruiting articles of the year. What did you miss? What’s on your to-do list for 2015?

1. How to Lose a Candidate in 10 days

Kimberley Kasper explains how 10 days of inefficient decisions can send a candidate running in the wrong direction.  

2. The Key to Success: Hiring People Better Than You

When it comes to hiring, some hiring managers hesitate to hire good people in fear of being replaced by them. James Caan explains why this approach is all wrong.

3. Let’s Fix It: End the Talent Shortage by Hiring for Results, Not Skills

Lou Adler says that skill infested job descriptions are actually preventing companies from hiring stronger talent. If your focus is just based on skills, you’re missing out on evaluating key attributes that really deem whether a candidate is successful or not.

4. 5 Attributes to Look for in High-Performing Employees

Investing in people is more important than just filling a job. Ryan Caldbeck shares how CircleUp makes this approach possible with 5 key attributes.

5. How Airbnb Gave Its Candidate Experience a Makeover

During Airbnb’s hyper-growth stage, the recruiting team noticed how some candidates were slipping through the cracks. Kate Reilly shows how they turned their Candidate Experience around and how no-one is left waiting in their inbox anymore.

6. Why Talent Acquisition is one of the best jobs in HR

Patricia Tournigny shares 5 key points to why the recruiting industry is above the rest. (HINT: You’re all in the right place.)

7. Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

Based on a Hewlett Packard internal report, Tara Sophia Mohr says women’s hesitancy with job applications stem from social standards and their lack of visibility within their organizations.

8. What I learned from reading 8,000 recruiting messages

Aline Lerner, former engineer turned recruiter, analyzed 8,000 recruiting messages and found when it comes to outbound messaging being personal and transparent leads to engaged conversation.

9. How Can We Make Recruiting Better?

Danny Crichton explains why building trust back into the talent system is essential for establishing new opportunities, gaining stronger relationships, and building new partnerships within the recruiting field.

10. 3 Questions Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Asks Before Hiring Anyone

Jeff Bezos knew from the start of launching Amazon that the people were the driving element to the company's success. Since then, he has modified 3 standard questions that all hiring managers are in charge of asking. Vernon Gunnarson tell us the three.

11. How To Hire Like Google And Facebook: Evaluating Candidates Beyond Their Technical Ability 

Technical skills can be learned but the soft skills, those are the difficult traits to assess. Kate Jenkins states that developing different methods and finding key tools are essential to hiring for the  21st century skills.

12. This is Google’s incredibly simple hiring formula

The urgency to fill a role can often produce a low hiring bar. Max Nisen shares that Google’s final hiring decisions aren’t left to the managers. Instead, a committee has the final say - and the CEO is still in the loop on every outgoing offer.

13. From Reactive to Proactive - High Impact Strategic HR

Susan Quinn talks about transforming the HR departments and what it looks like to be a bigger part of the organization.

14. Future Track: Insights into Hiring in 2024

In case we thought we brushed up on all the hiring world tricks, Michele Ellner points out some new ideas that could change the face of video interaction.


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