3 Takeaways from #SourceLikeAPro: Recruiting Sourcing Strategies

Sourcing Strategies

Last night, around 200 people gathered in the incredible Quirky headquarters to attend “Sourcing Strategies: How to win the war on talent.” The panel consisted of Jason Medley, Quirky’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Brian McCagg, co-founder of RecruitiFi, Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse, Chad Astmann, Partner at Heidrick and Struggles, Elizabeth Schillo, SVP at Dice, and John Hassett, of LinkedIn Talent Solutions. The panel was moderated by Peter Clayton, an award-winning producer and host of TotalPicture Radio, the first internet podcast focused on HR, recruiting, and leadership.

The panelists shared their insights, sourcing strategies, and experiences sourcing top-tier talent. Below are 3 key takeaways from the panel.

1. A Referral Program Is Key:

Quirky’s Director of Talent, Jason Medley, joined the company when it only 75 people. Today, Quirky boasts almost 300 employees worldwide, a creative and dynamic work environment, and a team of driven and passionate employees. Jason credits the quality of his new hires to a strong referral program.

Not too long ago, 0-1% of new hires came from referrals. Now, that number is closer to 30%. “I'm 100% convinced that the future of Quirky's talent lies within the network of our employees,” he said.

2. Have A Hiring Brand:

A consistent theme from all panelists was to consider your hiring brand. John Hassett, of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, discussed opportunities on LinkedIn to improve brand awareness among future candidates. In particular, he encouraged recruiters to build a follower ecosystem by developing and sharing thoughtful content about the company and culture.

Similarly, Chad Astmann, Partner at Heidrick & Struggles, encouraged companies to be an attractive brand in the market, and to do things that make you stand out. For example, Heidrick & Struggles shies away from email correspondence when possible, seeking opportunities to call candidates directly on the phone. Doing so helps build relationships with candidates, who might not be ready to change roles now, but will think of you first in the future. Relationships are key, and as RecruitiFi co-founder Brian McCagg noted, “there is no replacement for the human element in recruiting.”

Both Elizabeth Elizabeth Schillo, SVP at Dice, and Jason of Quirky emphasized the importance of “being where candidates are.” Elizabeth noted that there is only 2% unemployment in the technology space, which is considered full employment, and that these candidates have 3 times the opportunity as an average person. This means that, particularly in the tech space, great talent is already employed and you will need to compete for his or her attention.

Quirky does this by adapting to new technologies the way your candidates would, and ensuring that they have a brand presence on all social media platforms. Jason listed LinkedIn Recruiter, Instagram, and Twitter chats as all opportunities to engage with prospective employees. Afterall, he stated, “recruitment is all about marketing.”

3. Have A Sourcing Strategy:

Host Peter Clayton referenced a statement made by Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait, “the interview process is broken,” and asked him to elaborate. For most companies, he said, there is no sourcing strategy, and therefore no systematic way to know if you’re hiring the right talent. As a result, Daniel started Greenhouse to empower recruiters with a designed interview process that ensures interviews are structured and purposeful, allowing companies to make clear and informed decisions about candidates.

Companies need to be thinking about their process from day one. Chad Astmann mentioned that this helps you make better decisions around selecting candidates, rather than simply focusing on finding them.

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