6 Companies With Great Employer Brands

For today’s candidates, employer brand trumps consumer brand. There is no longer an obvious overlap between consumer and employer brand. In fact, although companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi rank in the top 10 for “most respected brands in the world” by CoreBrand, they do not make an appearance in Collegefeed’s list of top 50 companies to work for. Of the the poll’s participants, more than 75 percent said that “people and culture fit” was the reason behind choosing top employers.

These statistics are demonstrative of the evolving priorities of today’s job seekers. Companies are increasingly investing in employer branding, a definitive and deliberate communication of internal culture and values. This is because top talent wishes to align with the values and the motives of the people who work there. In a candidate-driven market, companies can’t afford to ignore the importance of developing and communicating the unique, unifying characteristics that define them.

So, why should great candidates want to work at your company? Check out this SlideShare presentation and get inspired by these 6 organizations:


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