7 LinkedIn Groups to Join in 2015

7_LinkedIn_Groups_to_Join_in_2015We’re all aware of LinkedIn’s power when it comes to business social networking. But, do you know how powerful it is when it comes to group engagement? Expanding your network is crucial when it comes to learning from top influencers and sharing industry-related news. Today, you can go one step further by actively joining the right groups within your industry. This creates new opportunities for you and your company to explore.  

We found 7 groups among the recruiting and technology field that are actively contributing to industry discussions and are proving that it’s all about social interaction when it comes to news, industry trends and advice.  

1. Linkedin: HR

With almost one million members, HR Group shares topics from recruiting and diversity to labor relations and sustainability. The great thing about this group is, if you’re only directly related to one of these categories - you will still find relevant information within your industry.

2. The Recruiter Network

A place solely for the recruiter space, this LinkedIn recruitment and networking group is a hub for recruiting and staffing news as well as a place to find top talent.

3. Human Resources & Talent Management 

This private group moderates all submissions, which means there are no unrelated topics! All discussions and articles are focused around talent.    

4. Marketing, PR, Sales & Social Media Innovators

When it comes to recruiting, it’s important to stay connected and well-versed in other departments. This group shares best practices of different departments from around the world.

5. IT Recruiters

A group centered around the technical recruiters, this group is a platform to share advice, experiences and latest trends throughout the tech space.

6. ERE.net

This group serves as an online gathering for all things recruiter-related. The hub works as an open forum where recruiters can learn directly from one another, hear about upcoming conferences within recruiting and create a shared network in the related field.

7. Social Media for Recruiting Professionals

This group is unique because it focuses only on sharing social media insights, strategies and news for sourcers and recruiters.

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