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Jordan Wan 

This is a guest post by Jordan Wan. Jordan is the Founder/CEO of CloserIQ, the sales recruiting platform connecting top sales talent to tech companies. Follow the CloserIQ blog for insight on sales strategy, talent management, and recruiting.

As the sales manager responsible for scaling ZocDoc’s North East sales teams, I was constantly interviewing candidates. After a long day cold calling with my team, I would often spend two hours in a hotel room doing back-to-back phone interviews.

In this hyper-growth environment, sales recruiting challenges became painfully obvious.

Inefficiencies in the interview process meant wasted time, often on the wrong candidates. The opportunity cost of time was very high as I could have been coaching my team or getting an extra hour of sleep on the road.

Bad hires impacted my team’s performance and my own compensation and terminations were mentally taxing, as I couldn’t help but feel guilt for the disruption I caused to someone’s career. Many of my bad hires could have been avoided had I been more thoughtful about whether the opportunity I had to offer was a good fit for the candidate’s career goals and skillsets.

I started CloserIQ with the sole mission to help companies efficiently hire top sales talent. I believe that doing the right thing for the candidate is a crucial step towards helping the company succeed in the long run. Providing a great recruiting experience for candidates isn’t just a social mission, it’s good business that creates long term value for everyone involved.

CloserIQ focuses on connecting top sales talent to career opportunities they will love. We have a narrow focus but an ambitious mission. As trusted advisors, we’re not just taking orders but challenging our customers to help them reach their goals.

Our Approach

Job boards and generic recruiting solutions lack the expertise to engage top sales talent, which means you’re spending countless hours screening, qualifying and pitching candidates, instead of hiring and driving revenue at your company.

CloserIQ is an on-demand sales recruiting solution. We combine old school white glove recruiting service with new school technology to bring you qualified, engaged candidates who are ready to join your team. Think of us as an in-house sales recruiter who you can rely on for the highest quality candidates, whenever you want it.

Our best clients view us as thought partners and advisors. Initially, our sales strategists work with you to build out a talent strategy based on our market expertise and your company goals. Once the ideal candidate profile is agreed upon, our team of talent advisors leverage traditional and proprietary recruiting strategies to bring you top candidates who are passionate about joining your team and not just your comp plan.

Our platform provides you each candidate's CloserIQ sales profile, cutting down on bad phone screens to save you time. Since our talent advisors meet and work closely with each candidate, you’ll also benefit from a consistent process of surfacing a candidate’s key sales metrics and achievements in prior roles.

Check out why our clients agree that CloserIQ is the most efficient way to hire top sales talent.



How does this partnership benefit you if you’re a Greenhouse customer?

  • You’ll receive CloserIQ candidates directly from your Greenhouse account.

  • You’ll be able manage your entire recruiting process in Greenhouse without the need to update yet another recruiting platform.

  • In Greenhouse you’ll have access to each candidate’s CloserIQ profile at your finger tips. The audio intro and sales experience will drastically enhance the traditional resume.

If you are serious about hiring the best revenue producers quickly, then please contact us to get the conversation started.

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