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Sachin Gupta 

Sachin Gupta is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee who realized that he loves the sales and marketing aspect of a start-up as much he loves to code. In this guest blog post, Sachin, Co-founder at HackerEarth, reflects on the new Greenhouse partnership with the programming testing solution.


Recruiting is the number one priority for any organization. I have often heard CEOs of top companies say that they spend 40% of their time on hiring the right talent. Yet, recruiting as a process, continues to be riddled with biases and subjectivity. Most hiring decisions are still based on resumes, pedigree continues to be a proxy for competency, and the interviewing process suffers from human biases.

However, all the companies that have been successful in hiring good talent, have one thing in common: they make their hiring decisions based on objective criteria, and skill has taken over pedigree as the correct measure of competency.

That’s the underlying principle of everything we do at HackerEarth: skill is the true measure of someone’s competency. HackerEarth has built a proprietary skill evaluation engine, that allows developers to code directly in the browser, and their code is evaluated based on different parameters like logical correctness, time efficiency, memory efficiency, and code quality. 

HackerEarth’s holistic skill evaluation engine allows you to get objective insights into a programmer’s coding skills, so you can identify the right candidates for your organization, quickly and effectively.

What does HackerEarth bring to Greenhouse customers? 

Greenhouse users manage thousands of job applicants every month, and each applicant is manually screened using a resume, but by integrating HackerEarth’s assessment tool with Greenhouse, you can automatically identify the right candidates first and then shortlist them for further rounds of interviews. 

Here are other things you can do with HackerEarth:

  1. Automatically send pre­defined assessments to candidates based on their profile
  2. Effortlessly shortlist candidates based on their score
  3. Easily share detailed reports of shortlisted candidates with the interview panel 

How can you make the most out of HackerEarth? 

Some tips that can help you make the most out of HackerEarth’s assessment tool:

  1. Create pre­-defined tests based on the different profiles that you hire for. Each assessment should have questions specific to that profile.
  2. The effectiveness of the test depends on the questions that are asked. Each organization has its own definition of the ideal candidate, and one should run some tests within the company to see what kind of test gives you the right candidate. 
  3. Creating questions is tedious, and companies often end up using the same set of questions due to lack of time. We understand the importance of having the right of questions to get the most out of these assessments, hence our content team can work closely with your technical team to help you come up with a large pool of questions that you can use over a period of time. 
  4. There are numerous smaller features like Code Player (that plays back the code written by the candidate) and Plagiarism Detector (to identify possible cheating cases.) You should fine tune the settings of a test for the best results. You can always reach out to our support team to help you with the right set of configuration and best practices. 

Want to learn more about HackerEarth and Greenhouse? 

Email us at and we will be happy to guide you through the integration with Greenhouse and also suggest best practices to make your recruiting process better and faster. 


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