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Sonia Varkey 

In this guest blog post, Sonia Varkey, Director of Marketing at Plum, shares more details on our newest partner integration. Plum is an online, evidence based, matching solution. They use cutting edge behavioral science and predictive analytics to instantly match applicants with the right behaviors and intelligence needed for unique roles and company culture.


You want to hire the best people for your company, and with the Plum & Greenhouse integration you can now easily find the best fit from your applicant pool, based on your specific needs, every time.

Too often candidates come into a job and later find out that they're not the right fit. In a recent study of 20,000 new hires, half had failed to perform in the first 18 months. Of those that failed, 89% were due to attitude, not skill. Yet, the entire hiring process is focused on identifying candidates that lack the necessary skill. Plum provides a solution to this problem.

Research shows that rather than focusing on resumes and interviews, measuring for problem solving ability, social effectiveness, and personality is over 5x more accurate at predicting future success., a cloud based software platform that seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse, employs cutting edge behavioral science plus premium predictive analytics to identify applicants with the highest potential for future success.

How Plum Works:

  • Plum assess applicants’ intellectual and behavioral priorities, developed from leading in-house industrial psychologists’ research
  • As the employer, you complete a 5-10 minute questionnaire on key attributes, which articulates your needs for your specific roles
  • Plum instantly matches the applicants' responses to the needs of your roles, quickly short-lists the top candidates. This fast short-listing has reduced resume reading by over 80%

Benefits of using Plum with Greenhouse, you’ll have:

  • An easy to use application that begins working immediately to help you identify the key attributes needed for the role
  • The ability to focus on maximizing the number of applicants, while spending your time only on the top candidates
  • Screening functionality for all applicants online at the beginning of the hiring process, increasing clarity by instantly identifying fit
  • All the candidate information stored and easily accessed from one location
  • Reduction in time spent directly in the hiring process: Our customers are spending up to 60% less time interviewing, up to 67% less time training and turnover is down by over 30% so you can focus on other key responsibilities in your day

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