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Niddia Paauwe 

Learn how you can optimize your recruitment process with video. In this guest blog post, Niddia Paauwe shares how Cammio helps employers add personality to the CV with a best-in-class candidate experience.

Regardless of a company’s size, having a workforce that meets the company’s needs is vital for an organization’s success and future growth. At the same time, the pressure on recruitment efficiency is increasing and employers face the challenge of effectively identifying and hiring the best candidate for a position each and every time.

How many hiring managers meet a candidate for the first time and think within the first minute “This person is a terrible fit for this job”? Too many. This candidate has made the effort to take off work and be there, and so, the interview must go on. Think of the wasted time for both parties involved. This is all due to the fact that the meeting was arranged based on either a short pre-screening phone call or a CV screen alone. Cammio is here to make sure this doesn’t happen. Our extensive video recruitment platform helps you to get a better first impression of candidates and efficiently select only the best talent early in the process. Digital interviews are the only type of interviews able to reduce time in the hiring process, while offering value for all stakeholders involved.

Optimize your recruitment process with video!

Cammio is a European provider of live, automated and video pitch interviews, helping companies to upgrade their recruitment process with a visual first impression while offering a best-in-class candidate and employer branding experience.

How can video recruitment power your organization?

Improved recruitment efficiency

Interviewing candidates is often an expensive and time-consuming task. When using video interviews, both recruiter and candidate can easily go online at a time and place that is convenient to them, without the logistical hassles of arranging travel and minimal to no scheduling required. This allows, recruiters to efficiently interview more candidates in less time, but still gain a good first impression in order to narrow down the recruitment funnel.

Better matches

Identifying the right candidates requires a screening process that goes beyond the CV screen. Using video interviews, employers gain deeper insights in the personality, competencies and cultural fit of a candidate earlier in the process. This prevents wasting valuable time on job interviews with candidates that are not the right match for the position and increases the chances of selecting the best candidate.

Enhanced candidate experience

An attractive and distinctive employer brand and candidate-friendly process is important to attract and recruit the best talent. Video recruitment offers recruiters a way to provide a quick, effective and engaging process that fits the preferences and busy life of their highly sought after talent. With video interviews, applicants don’t need to travel and take a day off but still have the opportunity to present themselves. 

How does this partnership benefit Greenhouse customers?

The partnership allows Greenhouse customers to benefit from a video-powered recruitment process, using Cammio’s extensive functionality directly from their own Greenhouse platform. This means:

  • You can efficiently manage your processes from one place without the need of entering data twice.
  • You and your candidates benefit from a seamless workflow and great user-experience.
  • Clearer insights into candidate behaviour with combined analytics.

How to recruit the best talent using video?

No candidate or role is alike. Procedures should be customized and flexible based on factors like the anticipated applicant volume, seniority of the role and recruitment phase. Providing one of the most advanced and flexible platforms in the industry, Cammio helps you to choose the right fit for your recruitment process and set up custom video interviewing workflows that will help you to meet your recruitment targets.


Implementing video in your recruitment process

When dealing with a high volume of candidates, you might want to take efficiency over interaction and easily pre-screen candidates online. Using video pitch interviews, candidates can give their motivation in a short video recording. Often implemented in the application form or right after CV selection, a video pitch enables you to quickly screen candidates while getting a better first impression of the candidate right from the start of your process. This not only improves your process speed, but also increases the chance you only select the best fitting candidates to advance. 



When you like to have a real interview with candidates after initial screening but still want to be able to select candidates fast and efficiently, using automated video interviews can help. Often replacing a phone interview or even a first on-site interview, automated or on-demand interviews allow you to interview and select more candidates in less time while providing an engaging and consistent process for all people involved. Easily invite candidates to answer a pre-recorded set of questions at a time and place that is convenient for them and compare, rate and share their answers once completed. Most often used as a video assessment for entry-level to mid-career professionals. 



cammio_3When recruiting internationally, in industries with talent- scarcity or for senior or specialist hires, a more personal and interactive interview, like a live interview, could be a better fit. Often used as a replacement of the first face-to-face interview at the office or even the second round interview after initial screening. Live video interviews offer you a way to save time and travel expenses by real time interaction with candidates online and recording the conversation for reviewing purposes. Easily review candidate recordings online or share with reviewers to involve them in the process and help you evaluate the candidate no matter where that person is located. 


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