Announcing: Greenhouse’s Integration with Codeity

deck_coverDevices1We’re excited to announce the Greenhouse partnership with candidate sourcing and matching platform Codeity! Codeity makes it easier for companies to source, evaluate, and connect with technical talent in a matter of minutes. Codeity is currently trusted by over 400 top companies. Below is a guest post from Mike Williams, CEO, Codeity that provides more details on the partnership and how Greenhouse users can optimize their sourcing pipeline.

The integration allows Greenhouse users to easily identify their hiring needs and connect with qualified candidates in a matter of minutes. Greenhouse users will experience the following benefits:

  • Easily identify hiring needs using Codeity job templates
  • Get matched with qualified candidates in minutes after a job is live on Codeity
  • Easily evaluate candidate matches and collaborate with team members
  • Send an introduction with candidates that are mutually interested

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What are 3 tips for companies to source better talent using Codeity?

  1. Clearly identify your hiring needs- Don’t be a company that is unclear of their own needs and simply seeking to attract top talent. Be able to clearly identify your needs and also prioritize. You should be able to articulate this and message to candidates. Not to mention, some of the best developers use job descriptions and requirements to assess companies. Know your needs and prioritize.

  2. Create uniform job descriptions- Job descriptions market your company and are a reflection of your organization. Create job descriptions that are branded, consistent in formatting, and also convey the company culture consistently using our job templates.

  3. Be Timely- Engage with top candidates quickly to drive a mutual interest and first interview as quickly as possible. One way to stand out as a company and leave a good impression with candidates is by being timely. Codeity makes it easy to evaluate and even express interest in candidates directly from email notifications.

To learn more about Greenhouse or Codeity, request more information below:

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