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Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno is the Content Marketing Manager at Parklet, the leading onboarding and employee experience solution. Follow the Parklet blog for insight into onboarding, company culture, and other topics related to employee engagement and happiness.


Remember the last time you had a first day at a new job? You had just gone through the recruiting process, where (we hope) the recruiter and hiring manager pulled out all the stops to convince you that this company was a perfect fit. Those experiences left you feeling excited and hopeful about the company you were joining and the people you’d be working with.

You arrived on the job fresh-faced and motivated, but by the end of your first day, you felt deflated. Not only did it take all your energy and concentration to absorb your new role and working environment, but you still had basic questions about things like whether you could leave the office for a 2pm Frappuccino run or how to download the app that everyone was using to chat with each other. You knew who your direct supervisor was, but should you really be hassling her with those types of trivial questions?

Most of us have experienced this type of disconnect between the whirlwind romance of recruitment and a disappointing first day. Parklet is here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our software helps you give your new hires the same great experience they had as candidates.

Parklet is the leading employee onboarding and retention solution, and we help rapidly growing companies deliver consistent experiences to all new employees. 

How does this partnership benefit you if you’re a Greenhouse customer?

The Greenhouse/Parklet partnership:

  • streamlines communication between HR and recruiting
  • eliminates data duplication
  • gives new hires the same great experience they had as candidates

What should you keep in mind to create a kick-butt onboarding program and engaging employee experience on Parklet?

1. Welcome new hires well ahead of their first day.

Greenhouse lets you keep track of someone at every stage of the applicant process, but what happens once they’ve signed an offer letter?

That’s where Parklet comes in! You can get new hires ramped up (and pesky paperwork out of the way) well ahead of their first day. Give new hires access to a Parklet account where they can view reminders about filling out their W4, selecting their benefits, or anything else you’d like them to do before they actually start. That way, the first day can be about stuff that really matters, like, you know, actually doing work and getting to know the team.


Plus, Parklet automatically notifies current employees about who’s starting and encourages them to send a welcome message to new hires. These notes show up in Parklet and give new hires a sense of value from day one.


2. Make Parklet a go-to destination for company info for all employees.

What’s your PTO policy? Dress code? Can people bring dogs to work? Store all rules or guidelines as “Pages” in Parklet, and encourage employees to make it their first stop any time they have a question.

You can also use Parklet as a way for employees in different departments to get to know one another through Parklet’s company directory. Customize profile fields so employees can share information about themselves. These can range from basic facts like name, college, and job title, to fun, company culture related info like your spirit animal or three items you’d bring with you to a desert island.

Upload photos, videos, and documents to Parklet, and use Parklet as the central hub for all employees to access training materials along with your company’s timeline, values, and mission.


3. Encourage employees to learn about each other—and your company.

Whether you’re on OkCupid, LinkedIn, or GitHub, you’re used to managing your online profile—and getting the scoop on a potential date, coworker, or contact before you meet them in person. Parklet creates a space where all employees can choose which information to share about themselves, and makes it easier for everyone to find common ground.

If your company is growing rapidly, it’s easy for employees to feel out of the loop—and maybe even a little freaked out by all the changes. Use Parklet to list your open positions and give a little visibility into where your company is headed. This can have the added benefit of encouraging employees to search for advancement opportunities internally rather than externally.

4. Connect Parklet to your HRIS.

When you connect Parklet to Greenhouse, you ensure a seamless transition from applicant to employee. But there’s more! You can also link Parklet with your HRIS. We sync with Workday, ADP, and BambooHR, and more

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