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Jessica Barrett 

This is a guest post by Jessica Barrett. Jessica, Business Development at pymetrics, shares insight into its integration with Greenhouse. Read on to find out how this partnership can benefit you and your team.

pymetrics is happy to announce a partnership with Greenhouse! We have long admired Greenhouse’s holistic approach to better hiring, and are very excited to help your company harness the power of data science and custom algorithmic models to recruit compatible candidates. Our platform helps you source more diverse, engaged and top-fit employees using a series of neuroscience games to assess cognitive and emotional traits.

Our co-founders began pymetrics with the belief that current hiring practices could be improved using the research they’d been studying at MIT as neuroscience post-docs. Our CEO, Frida Polli, then left MIT to pursue her MBA at Harvard, where she started pymetrics in the midst of the career exploration and recruiting process.

How does this partnership benefit Greenhouse customers?

Does your company struggle to recruit diverse candidates from a variety of backgrounds, education, and experience? Do you feel that your recruiting process unnecessarily filters out qualified candidates (who then go work for your competitors)? Are you seeing high levels of turnover from poor job fit, mismatched expectations and culture differences?

pymetrics sources candidates that are representative of the general population, eliminating any bias associated with gender, background, ethnicity, etc. Diverse workforces consistently prove to be more resilient, more creative, and more productive than homogenous working populations. Because we select candidates based on traits that are linked to high performance, pymetrics is able to help your company avoid missing top quality candidates. Better fit employees leads to higher engagement and higher retention.

Greenhouse is dedicated to make hiring a strategic advantage for your company. This partnership will enable pymetrics to send top-fit candidates directly to Greenhouse, streamlining your entire recruiting process, from sourcing to hiring.

How do I get the best matches from candidates applying to jobs?

pymetrics builds custom trait models for the particular roles that you’re recruiting for, and then sources candidates that fit that custom model. This process gives you the best matches for the positions you’re hiring for.

Our approach eliminates the unconscious bias that exists in the recruiting process now. Absent of any objective, universal measures with which to judge candidates, recruiters have been forced to use grade point averages, test scores and educational pedigree to make hiring decisions. These metrics have been proven to be very poor measures of job success. 

pymetrics provides the solution: using neuroscience assessments, we can identify the cognitive and emotional traits that define success within your organization, and find the candidates that match that trait profile.

Daniel Chait at Greenhouse likes to ask: “Are we fixing the [hiring] problem?” pymetrics is very happy to contribute a resounding “Yes - we absolutely are!” to that question. 

Come learn more about how pymetrics can help your company source compatible candidates for your positions by visiting


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