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Spencer Thompson 

We're excited to annouce the Sokanu and Greenhouse partnership! Ever feel stuck in the interview and hiring process? It's an all too familiar feeling for most. Spencer Thompson, CEO of Sokanu shares how this platform helps you determine who the right people are for your organization. Learn more here! 


Companies making big financial decisions go through rigorous and expensive diligence, whether raising capital or acquiring a competitor. They engage outside resources and prepare terabytes of sophisticated risk analyses and models.

What about big hiring decisions? About 60 percent of a company’s costs go into people yet remarkably no tool has existed to bring this same risk-minded, analytical focus to human capital decisions.

That’s where Sokanu comes in. Sokanu’s fun, simple platform uses deep, psychometric science—rather than laborious slogging through hundreds of resumes—to determine who the right people are to interview and hire.

Here are two questions that may come to mind.

How does this partnership benefit Greenhouse customers?

Greenhouse clients manage thousands of inbound job applicants. Now with Sokanu, those clients can prioritize candidates directly inside the Greenhouse platform, including:

  • Auto-sending branded self-assessments to applicants at the optimal stage of the recruiting process
  • Auto-filtering Greenhouse applicants through each stage of the process based on a job fitness score
  • White-labeling that shows candidates a sophisticated, single-brand user experience

How do I get the best matches from candidates applying to jobs?

1. Define what makes your company unique

No two roles are the same. While other companies may have postings under the same title, Sokanu helps you define precisely what you are looking for in a candidate as well as lay out what your company culture is all about. 

Once Sokanu understands your company, candidates are matched to your posting. Sokanu does this by first studying each unique role within your company. That means breaking down the qualities your top performers possess and hiring more people like them.


Once a role is created, Sokanu auto-syncs it with Greenhouse so you can match it to any open job.

2. Ensure candidates have great experiences

Your recruiting process should reflect the brand you've worked hard to build. Sokanu ensures that each candidate's time, effort, and interest in your company is respected and appreciated.

This begins with a branded assessment that is inspiring, beautiful, and fun (this is not a bubble-sheet, No. 2 pencil exercise). Customize the length of the assessment to ensure good completion rates.

At the end of the assessment, candidates receive a detailed personality report, regardless of whether they’re offered a job. Candidates are left with a positive brand experience and better insight into their career options.

3. One set of data. Unlimited matches.

The Greenhouse-Sokanu integration offers the ability to auto-sort candidates regardless of which positions they apply for. Say a person applies for one job yet is actually a better fit for another position— Sokanu will let you know.


4. Richer candidate data within Greenhouse improves 1-on-1 interviews

Greenhouse will post each candidate’s Sokanu score (on 0-10 scale) as well as link interviewers to candidate’s complete Sokanu profile. This allows them to dig deeper and assess how a candidate truly meshes with the company. Sokanu also posts red flags to follow up on to help discover the best possible hire.

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