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Stacy Chapman 

Go Paperless at Hiring Fairs! Stacy Chapman is the Co-founder at SwoopTalent. In this guest blog post, Stacy shares how SwoopTalent will allow you to use your cellphone to process paper resumes seamlessly in Greenhouse within minutes.

Many college hiring fairs still use paper resumes, which create real headaches for recruiters. Recruiters often end up with stacks of paper resumes covered in stickers, handwritten notes, and post-its to take back to the office to follow up and organize. Tedious scanning, typing out your notes, organizing follow ups – the aftermath of the hiring fair can take days or weeks to sort out, and sadly a lot of good candidates get lost in the cracks (or in the handwriting you suddenly couldn’t read!). It’s hard to believe this is still a hassle in 2015, but for most university recruiting teams, it’s a very real problem – and most so-called solutions to this problem are either too complicated, or they don’t let you get all of your data back.

For Greenhouse customers, that problem is now solved! Greenhouse has partnered with SwoopTalent to help customers instantly convert paper resumes to online records with resumes fully parsed.  

At SwoopTalent, we worked with our customers to create the simplest solution you could ask for. The candidate or the recruiter photographs the resume, answers a few questions and clicks 'Submit.'

With Swoop, you have a fully searchable, categorized record and resume, linked to all of the live social media links for the candidate. And if the graduate is applying for a specific job, Swoop will automatically guide them to Greenhouse for a formal application, or automatically send the resume and candidate record right into Greenhouse. This simple process can be configured to allow you to collect whatever data you need, right there at the fair on your smartphone or tablet. College hiring made simple!

Check out SwoopTalent for more information.

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