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Brittany Njissang 

Brittany Njissang is a Content Marketing Coordinator at WePow. With the integration of WePow's video interviewing solutions, GreenHouse clients can easily streamline their recruitment processes. Learn more about this new partnership below.

Has your hiring manager been frustrated with a long day of final interviews that didn’t result in a hire? Imagine being able to prevent situations like this by giving them a sneak peek of a candidate’s story before you bring them into the office. WePow’s video interviewing solutions ensure that the right candidates make it to the final round of interviews.

Greenhouse customers now get the power of WePow at their fingertips through a seamless integration – helping you make better hiring decisions, faster.

Who is WePow?

WePow is a recruitment technology company that helps hundreds of fast-growing organizations like yours improve hiring decisions. With our pre-recorded, live, and mobile video interviewing solutions, you’ll never second-guess the candidates who make it to the final round.

How does it Work?

Our video interviewing solutions empower hiring teams to give candidates a cutting-edge interview experience with an easy-to-use pre-recorded interview builder. Engage your candidates with exciting career videos, personalized introductions from a hiring manager, and customizable aesthetics that match your current branding style.

Similar to Greenhouse’s team management feature, WePow allows you to assign roles to each hiring team member while monitoring their activities. For example, recruiters have the ability to share candidate responses with hiring managers, giving them an opportunity to evaluate the candidate before they are invited to an in-person interview.

Also, our employer and candidate mobile apps allow each party to receive notifications on interview statuses. We know hiring managers and recruiters are busy, so we made it easy for them to continue funneling candidates through the process on the go and on their free time.

Here’s how the WePow pre-recorded video interviewing solution works:

Things we know you hate about the recruiting process

  • Scheduling tons of screening calls
  • Sourcing the same type of candidates 
  • Forgetting key notes after a candidate screening or interview
  • Chasing down hiring managers for their input
  • Sorting through contrasting candidate evaluations
  • Spending unnecessary money on travel expenses
  • Being unable to conduct in-person interviews due to location and scheduling conflicts
  • Turning great candidates away

Things we know you love about the recruiting process

  • Reducing the number of phone calls
  • Attracting candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets
  • Identifying candidates soft skills and personality early on in the hiring process
  • Improving consistency and collaboration amongst the hiring team 
  • Decreasing the amount of money and time spent on travel cost
  • Reviewing candidate responses easily when you are away from your desk
  • Building a video talent pool to refer back to at any time 

How WePow helps Greenhouse customers

  • Streamlines communications with recruiting teams and hiring managers
  • Eliminates redundancy in data entry and processing
  • Incorporates your current resources into the video interviewing platform
  • Turns your candidates into brand ambassadors with a fully branded interviewing experience

Are you interested in revolutionizing your interviewing process? Contact one of our specialists for more information on our video interviewing solutions.

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