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Scott Garner 

Scott Garner is the Content Marketing and Communications Manager at ZipRecruiter. Posting your job to 100+ job boards while targeting 25MM job seekers isn't as challenging as you might think, at least not for ZipRecruiter. Read what you can do in one single click.

Hiring can be hard. Creating job ads on multiple job sites, dealing with an overflowing email inbox, and sorting through hundreds of resumes, all while trying to get your job seen by as many qualified candidates as possible - it’s enough to give even seasoned HR veterans a headache.

As executives in various tech companies, ZipRecruiter’s founders experienced these problems firsthand, and they set out to create a platform that would make hiring easier and faster than ever, one that would allow employers to reach the maximum number of candidates with just one click and funnel them back into one efficient dashboard.

No more having to wrangle a list of passwords for dozens of different sites, no more wondering if you’re reaching all the qualified candidates out there searching for a job like yours.

ZipRecruiter works by posting your job ad to over 100 job boards, and then giving you the tools to manage incoming resumes and candidates through an easy to navigate online dashboard. Through our distribution network, your job gets in front of more candidates that any other single solution on the market.

ZipRecruiter Boost brings that expansive reach to our partners, giving businesses access to our broad network of job boards right through Greenhouse, giving you another tool in your hiring toolbox.

And it’s not just about broad reach, it’s about targeting.

Everyone has experienced the rush of unqualified candidates to job postings. Our targeted emails help reduce that clutter by putting your job ad in front of just the jobseekers you want.

Here are some other ways that ZipRecruiter Boost helps make your hiring process faster and easier:

  • Broadest reach to over 100+ job boards
  • Precision targeting through email job alerts to over 25 million engaged jobseekers
  • The lowest cost per candidate in the industry
  • Solves the problem of which boards to choose
  • Allows you to post seamlessly directly from Greenhouse
  • Smart buying technology that intelligently sponsors your job and passes on discounted rates
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • So how do you maximize ZipRecruiter Boost?

1. Post in the beginning of the work week

You might think the weekend would be the best time to post a job. People are away from the office, they have free time, they must be searching for jobs, right? Actually they’re doing what everyone else is doing on the weekend: having a BBQ, taking the kids to their soccer game, watching Game of Thrones.

Most job search traffic occurs when they get back to work on Monday, which is bad news for their managers, but good news for you. Post your job then and get the most eyeballs on your ad.

2. Make your job title count

We’ve all seen job ads with more exclamation points than letters of the alphabet, or that say things like “Dishwashing Ninja Wanted.” Guess what? Those don’t work. Our internal data shows that unclear, misleading, or just plain weird job titles get lower engagement than a straightforward, industry standard title.

You’ll also show up in more relevant search results, exposing your job ad to more (and more relevant) candidates.

3. Write a great job description

Your job description should be comprehensive and thorough, but it should not be a novel-length creative writing exercise. First, concisely explain the requirements for the job, and use the appropriate keywords for the job and industry for maximum search ability. Second, give an accurate sense of what it is like to work for your company. Do you have Taco Tuesdays, are dogs welcome in the office, is it okay to work from home? If so, great! If not, that’s ok, too. Don’t try to be something you’re not, there are plenty of people who don’t like dogs, tacos, or working from home. Probably.

Finally, give the jobseeker some action to take, even if it’s as simple as “Check out our Facebook page to learn more about us.” It gets them engaged, and can help influence unsure jobseekers to apply.

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