Are Your Interviewers Focused? Here’s How You Make Sure They Are!

focused_interviewsA key step in effective recruiting is ensuring your hiring team is prepared to conduct focused interviews. Sometimes, that’s not the case. We’ve all experienced this it at least once during our careers whether as a candidate or as the person conducting the interview. But there are solutions to avoid this from happening again, and here's how.  As a candidate you may have sensed your interviewer didn’t know what to cover and the interview seemed to be going in all sorts of directions. As the interviewer, you may not have known what skills and or qualifications you needed to hone in on, so alternatively, you just picked your own. Companies who are great at hiring make sure their teams evaluate a candidate on key skills based on the type of interview being conducted. The question becomes, how do you give your team the information they need to do this?

Focus Attributes in Greenhouse allow you to do just that! After building out the candidates scorecard, Greenhouse lets you indicate which attributes should be covered during a particular interview. In a culture interview for example, the interviewer should be focused on the personality and behavior traits that will allow the candidate to be a good fit, not necessarily their ability to develop a SWOT analysis. So, during a culture interview you can highlight the attributes that directly drive your corporate culture and de-emphasize attributes that are better assessed in another stage.

The number next to each item indicates how many interviews that attribute is being assessed in. Eventually, you'll want to make sure that each attribute is covered in at least one interview, but ideally each should be covered in at least two.


Focus attributes are displayed in the interview kit so the interviewer can review and prepare for the meeting. Once the interview is over, and the interviewer is ready to complete their scorecard, they will see the focus attributes highlighted in yellow. This makes it clear which key attributes they should submit scores on.


Focus attributes not only prepare your team to conduct effective interviews, they directly drive a great candidate experience and build your hiring brand. Candidates remember and tell other prospects about their interview experiences. Focus attributes in Greenhouse help ensure that their stories about your company are good ones. 

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