Box's Kenny Mendes Shares How He Built A Killer Recruiting Team



As Box made the leap from a little-known Myspace widget to an enterprise software powerhouse, their team exploded from 40 to 1,500 at a blinding pace.  Throughout this remarkable transition, their overarching mission remained steadfast: to create one of the top three hiring organizations of all time.

Despite monumental expectations, the team was able to enforce a high bar for talent while achieving their goal. Hear from former Director of Recruiting at Box, Kenny Mendes, as he sheds light on how he and his team managed to tackle this challenge.

Kenny's team of just 15 dedicated recruiters was able to hire over 100 people per quarter for nearly two years straight! They were able to do this by actively pursuing great talent, motivating people to collaborate (which helped them to do their best work), and by creating a repeatable and scalable interview process.

Throughout this whirlwind, Kenny did manage to discover a few key insights:

  • Create specialized teams that take ownership in critical areas.
  • Inspire your team by providing opportunities for rapid career advancement.
  • Run your operation like a search firm. Hunt down top talent, because they won’t fall in your lap.
  • Create consistent and efficient processes. Issue tests that mirror the work performed in the role itself and do your best to eliminate unconscious biases.
  • Groom your team and encourage checks and balances to keep your standards high.
  • Keep tabs on metrics that your recruiters can directly control. Compensate based on team-based objectives.

Finally, the team at Box leveraged powerful software tools to source effectively, provide a superior candidate experience, and keep their hiring machine running fluidly.

Check out the webinar here.

How to Hire a Recruiting Team

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