Enhancing Your Employer Brand: 3 Strategies for Success

employer-brandingToday’s job candidates are more informed than ever about the positions – and companies – to which they apply. Reading reviews on Glassdoor or other sites has become second nature to many candidates; no matter how good your job description or salary and benefits are, if they don’t like what they see about the company itself, they won’t apply. This new reality has put greater focus on the need for companies to manage their employer brand and convey the right message to candidates about the experience of working there. 

With a well-defined employer branding strategy, and a recruiting team well versed in communicating your brand, your company will have a significant hiring advantage, attracting candidates who not only meet the requirements of your open positions, but also fit in with the overall culture. Despite the advantages, developing, maintaining and projecting an employer brand throughout the talent acquisition process is no simple task. But where can you begin? Consider the following three strategies, which have all been successfully used by some of today’s most successful hiring brands:

  1. Define and showcase your culture: The first step to employer branding is to understand and define the company culture. If it’s not readily apparent, conduct an employee survey to find out what they like most about working there, and the traits they think a new hire would need in order to fit in. Once those factors are identified, it’s important to spread awareness about the company culture by sharing pictures, videos and stories that highlight the culture and work experience – not just in the office but also at happy hours, charity events and other non-business activities.
  1. Extend the brand throughout the interview process: The interview stage should be a two-way street – not just about learning the candidate’s strengths, but also enabling them to determine if the company is the right place for them. Transparency is a key aspect of employer branding. Explaining what the company can offer as an employer, professionally, developmentally and socially, is key to for both parties to determine fit. To help the process, candidates should be given a tour of the office, including introductions to team members, and late-stage candidates can be invited to spend time with the team outside the office. Such efforts will lead to a more positive candidate experience, and further elevate the company’s strategy for employer branding. 
  1. Leverage current employees: What better source is there to convey the employer brand than employees themselves? Each employee is an ambassador of your company – what they share with their personal networks can influence perception of the employer brand. Encouraging the team to express their positive experiences and share open positions with their peers will help to attract like-minded talent who will fit in with the company. Such efforts will help to create a vast network of referrals and ensure a steady supply of candidates who want to work for you.

A strong employer brand is crucial to attracting right-fit talent. But it’s important to keep in mind that it can’t be created or changed overnight; it takes time to develop and evolve in order to project an authentic brand. The goal of any hiring operation is to ensure that it’s not just the most qualified candidates who apply and accept an offer, but those qualified candidates who also share the company’s unique values and will fit in with its culture. By conveying the employer brand appropriately, you can ensure you draw in the right candidates who can be your next successful hires.

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