Extending Recruiting to Onboarding — Greenhouse Acquires Parklet!

greenhouseparkletGreat companies are a direct result of the people that support them—and today, companies are increasingly aware of this fact.

While legacy systems in the applicant tracking space are focused on reducing paperwork headaches, Greenhouse allows companies to improve how they plan, execute, and optimize their recruiting process. This helps companies compete for and win talent in today’s highly competitive landscape. However, the hiring process doesn’t end at the offer letter; you also must effectively prepare candidates for their journey ahead.

Onboarding is a key component of an employee’s long-term success and engagement with a company. It affects how a new hire feels about a company, how quickly he or she can be productive in a role, and if the work being done aligns with company goals. On the flip side, this is an incredibly nerve-wracking time for new hires. Much like recruiting, companies must bring their A-game to the onboarding process to ensure happy, productive, and engaged employees.

That’s why we’ve acquired Parklet, an employee onboarding software company. Similar to our approach with recruiting, Parklet strives to make onboarding a strategic advantage, focusing on the new employee experience rather than just “orientation.”

Our CEO, Daniel Chait, says, “Greenhouse helps companies build amazing teams, and Parklet shares this vision. An effective onboarding program is the next logical step in a strong hiring process. Now, our customers can seamlessly transition a great candidate experience into a great new hire experience.”

The vast HR landscape is evolving. No longer are recruitment, hiring, and onboarding siloed functions, living in separate pockets of the company. Now they’re synchronized into one cohesive program. This means companies can not only win at bringing the best people through the door; they can also ensure these people will be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to be effective and valuable contributors right from the start. When employees are confident and empowered from day 1, productivity soars—and that’s a win-win for everyone.

To learn more about our acquisition of Parklet and how we’re transforming the HR industry, check out this article on TechCrunch.

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