Greenhouse + Entelo Partner Up!

entelo_greenhouseWe are excited to announce our partnership and integration with Entelo, a platform that brings an even more robust set of sourcing tools to the Greenhouse platform. The seemless integration between the two lets users easily search for and identify high quality candidates using Entelo's predictive search and analytics tools then import them directly into Greenhouse to effectively move them through the recruiting pipeline. With Greenhouse pipeline and sourcing reports users can see candidates sourced from Entelo as they move through all stages of the recruiting pipeline from original source all the way through to offer accepted. Here's  a quick peek into the integration. 

#1. When sourcing candidates in Entelo, simply "export to Greenhouse" 


#2 When in Greenhouse get easy access to all professional profiles via Entelo Once in Greenhouse, recruiters and sourcers can get access/links to all the candidate's professional profiles on sites like; LinkedIn, Dribbble, or GitHub, etc. Now recruiters can move easily between the two systems maintaining a 100% end-to-end source to close process.

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