Greenhouse Feature Update

greenhouse_feature_updateWe do pretty robust weekly releases. Our customers are always excited and appreciative that we've implemented changes based on their feedback. We are constantly improving the platform but we wanted to share a few highlights from this month that we were particularly excited about.

Better 'Private' Data

Now there is increased functionality within the 'Private' feature which allows Greenhouse users to capture sensitive data throughout the interview process. Data is always protected from users unless special permissions are granted to them by the company's admins.

  • Users can mark attachments as Private
  • Agencies can add Private notes when submitting candidates through the Agency Portal
  • Interviewers can also add Private notes to a candidate scorecard
  • Custom questions on job application forms can now also be marked as Private, so only certain users can see those answers (i.e. comp expectations, etc.)

Referral Notification Email

Employee Referrals are often your best candidates and we know you want to handle them differently (even immediately). When an employee adds a Referral, they can specify that it's a Referral candidate, and notifications will be sent out to the relevant team members.

  • Users can sign up to get notified of new referral candidates added, independent of regular new candidates
  • This applies to both candidates, and prospects

More Reports!

We don't take reporting lightly. That's why we're constantly adding new ways for users to get the data they need, the way they need it to measure their recruiting performance and affect positive change in their processes. Check out the new additions:

  • Pipeline Per Job: Shows on a per job basis, the candidates who are currently in each respective stage of your interview pipeline, as well as historical data on how many people have ever reached that stage.
  • Greenhouse Usage Report: Shows the actions each user has performed in Greenhouse, which can be filtered by job/dept/date range.

Dig Deeper with Drill Down Reporting

We have made reporting a richer experience, by hyper-linking relevant data points so you can drill down even deeper.

  • Want to know more? When looking at Candidate or Pipeline reports, you can drill down to the specifics. For example, you see there are 8 people in Phone Interview stage, when you click that "8" you'll drill into who those 8 candidates are. It works like that across the board, on all your reports.
  • New Candidates by Referer report: See all your candidates by source and compare the quality of each source side-by-side. See how many candidates came from social media vs. employee referrals and how successful they were. Did they get rejected right away or make it to the short list!

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