Greenhouse Feature Update: April

feature_updateAs always, we are doing pretty significant releases weekly, however there are a few notable feature updates we've made that are pretty exciting. From communicating with Agencies to logging in with Google, check out what's new for Greenhouse this month.

Login With Google

Don't want to remember another password? Users can now log into Greenhouse with their Google credentials, as long as the respective email addresses match (see image at the top of the post).

Better Agency Communication and Collaboration

Lots of our customers leverage external agencies to help with candidate sourcing. In Greenhouse, we have the Agency Portal to help our customers work more effectively with their agency partners. Companies can assign specific jobs to an agency, and decide how much information they'd like to share with their agencies through the portal interface. For example, in addition to the candidate's status, you can also choose to share what stage of the process the candidate is currently in and when their next scheduled interview is.

Email notifications and alerts

We've also added the ability for agencies to opt-in to receive email notifications when their submitted candidates change stage/status.

Agency alerts

Agency notes and updates

Agencies can also append notes to their candidate submissions, which are emailed to the company's recruiter as well as added to the Activity Feed of the candidate's profile page in Greenhouse.

Collaboration with Recruiting Agency

Editable Open/Close Dates for Jobs and Openings

Often, customers new to Greenhouse want to migrate data from their old ATS making Greenhouse the system of record for all their job and candidate data (from "all-time"). Unfortunately, the data export we receive from other ATS's are not always clean. One of the most commonly neglected pieces of data that other platforms fail to provide are the original open/close dates of jobs (as well as each respective opening of that particular job). That data is important to our customers, and we want to give them a way to back-date that information following the data migration.


Greenhouse Feature Update

Our newest feature now allows companies to edit the opened/closed dates of any job (past and present) and updates will reflect immediately in all Greenhouse reports. This means our customers can quickly fix any incorrect legacy data and view clean reports.

Harvest API

We are excited to announce that the full harvest API feature is now available. Our harvest API allows companies to programmatically extract all information about their jobs, candidates, interviews, etc.. The API can also be set to pull the difference in data since the last export, thereby conveying just the Delta. Customers can partner with their Analytics teams to use this feature in creating custom reports from their Greenhouse data.

Req IDs, Opening IDs, and Approvals

Two features we've found important to our larger customers are; the ability to generate unique requisition IDs, opening IDs and, the ability for their ATS to support a full job and offer approval chain. Greenhouse fully supports both capabilities, and we continue to invest in making them more powerful and synergistic.


We allow users to generate unique IDs based on requisition and opening, and surface them in all the relevant areas of the job and offer approval process.

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