Greenhouse Feature Update: June

greenhouse_bannerWe’ve done a ton over the last 30 days, but we wanted to highlight a few things we’ve already received great feedback on. Offer letters were probably the most anticipated but we also made some great enhancements to the hiring planning tools in terms of making Interview Kits and Scorecards ever more relevant to individual interviewers. Check out these new updates and let us know what you think!

Generate Offer Letters in Greenhouse

Now you can generate offer letters right from Greenhouse. Create multiple templates to choose from and, edit individual offers as needed during the offer process. All relevant job and candidate details are filled in automatically when an offer is created. Customers can save/send offer letters as word or .pdf attachments to emails created in Greenhouse for candidates or to internal stakeholders for approval.

Schedule Interviews to Shared Calendars in Google


Greenhouse already has a pretty tight integration with Google calendars enabling interviews to be scheduled through Greenhouse and edited from either Greenhouse or Google. Now customers using Google calendars can also schedule interviews directly to shared Google calendars. It takes a minute or two to set up and all shared calendars will appear in the drop down menu for interview scheduling.

 Even More Focused Interviews


Our Interview Kits have been designed to make interviewing as effective as possible. With the “Interview Prep”, “Resume” and “Scorecard” tabs, interviewers have the context they need for the interview (what is the purpose?), the background on the candidate, and an easy way to provide feedback from the interview. Now, you can customize each interview to focus on a select set of skills/attributes which will appear “highlighted” on the scorecard, so the interviewer is aware of exactly what needs to be drilled into during the interview. We’ve also added the ability to comment at the attribute level to give additional context around why a thumbs up or thumbs down was given.


Bonus Feature: On-demand Migration Tools

Migrating data from legacy systems can be a headache. That’s why we’ve built on-demand migration tools so customers can transition to Greenhouse with as little hiccups as possible. Our new migration tools walk new customers through a simple step-by-step process for importing, mapping and organizing their data in Greenhouse. Currently our migration tools accommodate customers migrating from The Resumator, JobScore, and Jobvite.

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