Announcing: Greenhouse's Integration with Spark Hire

We're excited to announce the Greenhouse partnership with video interviewing platform Spark Hire! Spark Hire delivers robust and affordable online video interviewing solutions for 2,000+ companies around the world. Below is a guest post from Josh Tolan, CEO, Spark Hire that provides more details on the integration and three things to keep in mind for more effective video interviewing.  

The integrated video interviewing platform enables Greenhouse users to take advantage of both one-way and live video interviews. Greenhouse users will experience many of the following benefits:

  • Reduce the need for time-consuming phone screens
  • Gain more insight on job candidates earlier in the hiring process
  • Improve hiring team collaboration around video interview recordings
  • Make better decisions about who makes it to the next round of the hiring process
  • Eliminate the distance gap with far-away talent
  • Build a video talent pool to refer back to at any time


Why should you bring a video interview stage into your hiring process? 

A video interview is a great bridge between a submitted application and an in-person interview. Many of Spark Hire’s customers leverage a one-way video interview as an alternative to the phone screen because they’re asynchronous, standardized, and reveal much more about a candidate’s personality, professionalism, and cultural fit. Rather than spend 30 minutes on a phone interview with a candidate you might determine is a bad fit 90 seconds in, Spark Hire customers conduct a round of one-way video interviews to make a better decision on which candidates they invest more time and effort into.


What are 3 things that users of Spark Hire should keep in mind for effective video interviewing?

1. Have a plan and educate your hiring team

As with any new recruiting initiative, it’s important to have a baseline strategy in place. Know which positions you’re going to start out with, determine how you’re going to evaluate completed interviews, and assign team members specific video interviewing responsibilities. Encourage team members to take advantage of training sessions so that their questions and concerns about video interviewing will be addressed. By not providing your team with all the necessary information to be successful video interviewers, you risk dealing with delays in filling open positions.

2. Continually optimize that plan over time

Video interviewing is going to be something brand new at your company. Therefore, it’s important to continually monitor and optimize your strategy. Maybe you need to try it for different roles or implement it at a different stage in your hiring process. Unless you knock it out of the park on your first go at video interviewing, you will need to make adjustments. It’s no different from other initiatives within the recruitment cycle (e.g. sourcing strategies.)

3. Prioritize creating a positive candidate experience

It would be terrible to have found a great candidate for an open position at your company and have them turn down the offer because they had an unpleasant interview experience. Some job seekers may not be as familiar with video interviewing so it’s important to inform them. Our motto is high touch and concise explanations leads to high conversion and happy candidates. Tell your candidates where video interviewing fits in with your hiring process, direct them to helpful resources on how to be successful, and communicate updates to them regarding the status of their interview.

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