HackerRank and Greenhouse for Built-in Coding Tests

hackerrankOur customers are constantly discovering new and innovative ways to make their recruiting engines more powerful. As a platform built to make those engines run better and faster, it's our policy to integrate with partners that support the great recruiting habits that help our customers be successful at building thriving companies. Today we wanted to introduce HackerRank. 

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a business solution that helps companies connect with the world's best programmers. HackerRankX, allows companies to engage and identify great programmers using custom coding contests and challenges. Or what we call 'the take home test.'

HackerRank + Greenhouse

HackerRankX is adds a very meaningful step in the interview process and is also a great way to capture information about a candidates technical skills and/or how they approach addressing a challenge at work. Through the Greenhouse + HackerRank integration, companies can now simply add a HackerRank test stage to any interview plan and all the insights gained from the coding contest or challenge will automatically be stored in Greenhouse with all other important candidate information so there's no need to switch back-and-forth between applications.

Here are a couple snapshots...(click to view larger)

Greenhouse-HackerRank Screens

Quick tip: Present Real-World Scenarios

"Although HackerRankX has an extensive library of turnkey questions and challenges that may be leveraged in a "plug and play" fashion, we have found that customers who create custom challenges that represent real-life problems relevant to the business are most successful. Such problems not only provide more meaningful insight into how a candidate would perform in the hiring firm's environment, but also allow the candidate to connect with the work that the company does." – Steven Soller, Customer Happiness @ HackerRank

Want to learn more about HackerRank and Greenhouse?

Give us a shout! We'd be happy to show you how to integrate take home tests into your recruiting process to give you even more understanding of a candidates fit and, to help you make better decisions faster!

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