Hiring Hacks: How Kik Built An Interview Process Its Engineers Love

kik_codility_greenhouse_webinarMay was a busy month for the Hiring Hacks webinar series. We dove into best practices around how to hire millennials -  and in our latest webinar, Joshua Dunton, a recruiter at Kik,  shared some invaluable tips for technical recruiters. Now is the time to catch your breath and stop chasing your engineers down for interview feedback, and rather, build a process they actually love. Here’s where to begin.

Here are the 3 steps Josh has taken to  better automate the recruiting process and increase the involvement of Kik’s engineers.

Step 1 - Be Efficient

Josh is one of the only recruiters at Kik. Coming onboard he said that there were areas that he needed to make better - not only for the hiring managers but also for the candidates and the company as a whole.  

You may be all too familiar with this process - a req has opened, resumes come flowing in, you then give them to the hiring managers to sift through and wait until they have chosen a candidate they want to interview. The process is terribly long and it’s not very likely  that the candidate you received a resume from two months ago is still interested.This was the process Josh was experiencing and he knew that in order to get high quality candidates through the door, the interview process needed to be more efficient.

The answer: automate the hiring process. Josh started to redefine the process and qualify candidates independently. Engineers and hiring managers don’t have enough time in the day to sort through resumes - so Josh eliminated this process for them and in return sped up the interview process for everyone else.  

Step 2 - Be Inclusive

Josh knew that putting new steps in place won’t work unless everyone is involved. As a recruiter, it’s your job to build trust with all your hiring managers. Simpler said than done (we know) but it is possible. Make sure you’re hearing the hiring manager's needs. Josh meets once a month with hiring managers to see what types of candidates they're looking for, what are the must-haves and what are the nice-to-haves. Understanding that everyone is working on the same team is essential. It’s also your job as a recruiter to state what your goals and steps are. For Josh, he wanted to decrease the hiring manager involvement so they had more time focusing on their primary responsibilities. To do this, Josh began to focus on finding the right candidates and begin by giving them the right assessments. Being inclusive is a must; if you’re not in direct communication with your engineers and hiring managers you won’t be able to give them the strong candidates they’re looking for.  

Step 3 - Be Frictionless

As you’ve built this trust with your hiring managers, you are then able to move candidates in next rounds faster. It’s often challenging to get interview feedback from your hiring managers. Hovering over their desks, waiting for them to submit feedback, isn’t helping anyone. In any case, it’s extremely uncomfortable. Be open, and share the areas that you’re getting stuck - but be sure to also research and address the solution. No one likes friction and sometimes its hard to clearly connect with your engineers. But by outlining the problems, and illustrating ways to improve, that will make everyone’s experience more helpful and eliminate friction that might have been caused due to lack of feedback. This will also make your job go a little faster too.

Recruiting is hard to exactly define. Josh shares how important it is to leverage technology - you’re engineers love technology! Communicate with them - whether it’s in monthly or even weekly meetings - make sure that you both are aligned and are sourcing for the right roles. Building out an interview process and taking a look at where you and your hiring managers are getting stuck is step one. Then, once you’ve been aware of everyone’s  pain points, go back, communicate, and find a solution you can implement.

If you want to see what other key notes Josh shared in this hiring hacks, listen to the recorded version! You’ll even get to learn some fun facts about legos and a couple cats named after Harry Potter characters (it’s true!).

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