Hiring Hacks: How to Streamline Your Recruiting Process from Interviewing to Onboarding

streamline_the_recruiting_processIn our latest Hiring Hacks webinar, we teamed up with SendGrid and Parklet to discuss how companies can bridge the gap and create a seamless experience from interviewing to onboarding.

More often than not, recruiting and onboarding teams are separated but in all reality these two functions go hand in hand.

What’s the common goal?

Ultimately, each department wants to create a lasting impression from the very beginning, which results in longer retention rates and stronger moral throughout the entire organization.

Sounds simple, but, how do you go about bridging this gap?

Actively engage candidates in the interview process

Margho Dunnahoo-Kirsch, Corporate Recruiter at SendGrid says that having a strong internal process is key. Before Greenhouse, SendGrid didn’t have a centralized location to store all of their recruiting information which resulted in low engagement with hiring managers. Creating a place that holds valuable data, reports, and acts as a hub for all recruiting information was a “game changer.”

Margho says that implementing this new process internally has resulted in an organized experience for the candidates coming in. SendGrid prides themselves on timely candidate feedback - they’ve eliminated google doc feedback and now works completely within Greenhouse. This eliminates the need to sift through notes and bug hiring managers to get feedback - especially ones that are on the other side of the country.  

Receiving more timely feedback in turn creates for better response rates on the company’s end. SendGrid uses email templates to create consistent communication quickly. Candidates then feel like they are a priority and haven’t been lost in the shuffle.

SendGrid also makes sure that throughout the interview process, skills are being met as well as culture fit. In order to do this, they have the 4H’s, ensuring employees are Happy, Hungry, Honest and Humble. Creating a transparent culture and testing for this directly allows candidates to see what the company is like and whether or not they would be a good fit from the very beginning.  

Seamlessly integrate the candidate and new hire experience

Emily Staebell, People Ops Generalist at SendGrid, dove into the company’s onboarding strategy and how she partners with Margho and the rest of the recruiting team to create an awesome onboarding experience for new hires.

As SendGrid continues to scale, creating an efficient and effective onboarding experience was key. To do this, the People Ops team implemented Parklet. When a candidate has accepted a position, the SendGrid recruiting team clicks “Hired” in Greenhouse and all the candidate’s information is then transferred over to Parklet. Candidates move from offer to onboarding in a matter of minutes.

Previously when SendGrid brought in new hires, they found it challenging to keep track of all the details. With Parklet it’s allowed them to focus less on the labor intensive details and focus more on the needs of the new employees.

Eliminate first day jitters for new hires

Coming into a brand new company is exciting - but what comes with this excitement? 

First day jitters. 

Questions arise like, where do I eat? Where should I park? What information should I know ahead of time? And who was that person that introduced themselves to me 5 minutes ago?

There are a lot of questions and feelings that go through a new hires mind. SendGrid has changed their onboarding process to address a lot of these concerns and make the first day less overwhelming.

A few of the many things they’ve incorporated:  

A modernized company directory

This isn’t just helpful for the new hires, but for even veteran employees traveling to a new office. Now they can sift through the directory and essentially use this resource as a study guide so they are prepared to meet new faces.

New hire announcement emails

Before Parklet, the People Ops team were manually collecting information from new hires. This sucked up a lot of time. Now they can collect the information they need in a matter of minutes in order to announce new employees to their coworkers.

Personalized Pages

SendGrid created their own page which shows a little more insight into their culture and company, for example their annual trip to Mexico!

Emily shared that the new onboarding process has really empowered the new hires to jump right into the onboarding experience. From employee surveys, 100% of hires agreed that they felt welcome at SendGrid.

Going through an organized recruiting process with hiring managers, testing for key attributes, and providing a great onboarding experience sets new hires up for success from the very beginning. They then feel confident that they are in the right place and that the company is just as invested as they are.

Want to hear more hacks from this webinar? Hear the full recorded version here.



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