Tips on Moving your Interview Process into the Fast Lane

How_to_Use_Video_to_Speed_Up_Your_Interview_ProcessLast week we introduced our monthly webinar series Hiring Hacks. Our first topic was “How to: Use Video to Speed up Your Interview Process” where presenters dove into the ways to make your recruiting pipeline both speedy and effective. We’ve outlined the key takeaways of the webinar and shared the recorded version below.

Create A Structured Interview Process

There’s no getting lost when you have a clear roadmap. The same applies for interviewing. When you create a structured interview process, everyone knows where to go and what their objective is. It’s important to create a clear outline on what attributes you’re looking for but also allow the opportunity for interviewer feedback.

What are questions each team member is going to ask?

When you have a clear structure you’re making the interview process much more efficient and working on making the candidate’s experience worthwhile. Here are some ways to make your process more defined -

  1. Set the foundation: sit down with hiring managers to clearly identify what you’re looking for.

  2. Create an apples to apples comparison: this way each candidate is going through the same process.   

  3. Identify your purpose: tell your hiring managers ahead of time what to focus on and what information or traits they should be looking for.  

  4. Get feedback: have every interviewer write down their thoughts. This way you can go back and see specific patterns or traits you are looking for or looking to avoid.

  5. Stay focused: ask yourself what are you expecting the candidate to do next?

  6. Plan next steps: capture data and performance metrics, then evaluate what was done well and what needs to be improved upon.

Leverage Video Interviewing Platforms

Incorporating new platforms can make your video interviewing simpler. We all know how stressful it is when it comes to arranging interviews. Not only can it be time consuming but you end the call, and question, what points were actually talked about. Leveraging new interviewing platforms can eliminate stress and save time.

Here are a couple ways to use video interviewing to your advantage.

  1. Live interview: Real time interviewing that’s recorded - there is no longer a need to scramble and jot down notes since each video is recorded, you can go back and see what you missed.

  2. One - Way Interview: Create a series of questions for candidates to respond to at their own time - with no scheduling conflicts. This allows your interviewer to assess for professionalism as well as evaluating important non-verbal cues.

  3. Collaboration: Share all videos with people on your team - everyone can comment and share their thoughts of each candidate.

Companies are incorporating these types of interviewing strategies and finding that their recruiting process is improving dramatically.

Think your interview process can use a little speed? Hear from the experts themselves.

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