Hiring Hacks: Three Strategies to Hire Millennials (and why you need to do it)

millennial_hiringOur Hiring Hacks webinar series continues! In this webinar, we partnered up with FirstJob, a solution that engages millennial talent with employers. Sean Little, an expert in millennial and campus recruiting, shared the three strategies to hire millennial talent. If you want this type of new talent on your team, you have to approach recruiting a bit differently -  here’s how.

We all know, millennials aren’t going anywhere. They represent a new demographic and by 2025 they will make up 75% of the workforce. Now is that time to start hiring this talent. Just like any hire, there needs to be a thoughtful strategy. It’s time to look at what your strategies are and how you can shape them - so the next millennial searching for a job has your company in front of their mind.

Foster Company Culture

Company culture is only getting bigger - 64% of millennials said they would rather make 40K a year in a job they love, than 100K a year at a job they think is boring. Culture is one of the key components that will attract millennials to your company. Sean explains, now is the time to start asking, what is your company about? Culture starts to form organically, but it’s also everyone’s responsibility to keep that organic culture alive and really define it. You want to be unique. Millennials don’t want to be average - that want to be a part of something that they believe in and vice versa, they want a company that believes in them.

Establish a Strong Employer Brand

A key pattern here is that millennials care. They don’t want to be with any company, they want to be a part of something that has a strong brand and with a company that knows who they are. By having a strong employer brand you’re increasing your chance that the millennials that come in are a good fit. Likely, they have researched and learned exactly what your mission is, which in turn, creates a strong alignment from the beginning. A key note Sean mentions is that millennials are in every social media platform out there. They’ve created their own brand - but it’s now time to make sure your companies brand is consistent throughout each social channel as well.

Millennials care about who they work for and what the company is about. If you have a strong employer brand and know who you are - then the candidates that come in will be that much stronger. 

Source Smart

Be transparent. First thing to think about when you source is ask, who are you trying to attract at your company? Understand what the demographics are that you’re looking for and figure out where they are. Be strategic with job boards and career fairs, and most importantly be a part of the conversation! The more millennials see you engaged, the more they are inclined to reach out. Sean explains, another key tactic is to leverage the millennials you have at your company already. Ask what they see, what they would want and who they think would be a great fit. Use the resources you already have.

For those wanting to dive deeper into these hacks, listen to Sean as he explains the key steps in hiring your next millennial.

Greenhouse + FirstJob Webinar


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