Inbound Marketing for Recruiters: How to Become a Magnet for Top Talent

Inbound_Marketing_RoadshowDuring this interactive session of our Recruiting Optimization Roadshow, Lynne Foster of SmashFly Technologies highlighted clear parallels between marketing and talent acquisition. In order to do both successfully you need to: Identify your target audience and ways to reach them, build better relationships using relevant content, and consistently measure and improve tactics.

Key strategies of inbound marketing can be applied to recruiting. Like today’s consumers, today’s job candidates are more educated and efficient than ever before. This means that the research phase of a job search has become more critical. This creates a key opportunity to engage with candidates by using content to drive conversions that ultimately help you meet your hiring goals.

In order to optimize your recruiting process, it’s important to think about the candidate’s journey and how you approach them in these four ways:

  1. Attract: Understand where s/he came from
  2. Engage: How you interact
  3. Nurture: Keeping the connection warm
  4. Convert: Ways to get candidates to convert or engage with your company

Here are five pieces of content to optimize that will improve your overall approach with candidates:

1. Job Description & Ads

  • Include keywords in your job titles on job boards
  • Lead with “Why Us?” (Don’t jump right into the job description)
  • A/B test job ads

2. Blogging

  • Write posts that help candidates with their job search
  • Be sure to include keywords in the title
  • Create a blog calendar that includes weekly posts. If you’re short on resources, repurpose content from your marketing team’s blog

3. Shape Your Online Reputation using Glassdoor

  • Ask employees for reviews during onboarding or annually
  • Respond to comments
  • Promote your Glassdoor ratings in your recruiting channels

4. Newsletters

  • Send out them out on a monthly or regular basis
  • Include jobs and other info about your company

5. Social Media

  • Provide timely content to followers
  • Don't post more than one job a day
  • Repurpose content from your marketing team
  • Automate process as much as possible, using an RSS feed aggregator or social media management platform like Hootsuite
  • Encourage your team to share content

It’s also a useful exercise to get your recruiting team together to map your available content to the candidate’s journey and discuss what’s working and what’s not. During this session, the audience also broke out into small groups to workshop "content mapping." At each stage of the candidate's journey, participants shared and brainstormed how to use content and inbound marketing tactics to engage prospective employees.

The Recruiting Optimization Roadshow continues in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and New York. Join us or get more information below!

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