How to Get the Most From Your Agency Partners

collaborationRecruiting agencies can play a critical role in helping companies find talent. They allow businesses to tap into a wider pool of both passive and active candidates or focus on positions that are difficult to fill. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to fold agencies into their overall recruiting processes. Often agency recruiting is managed separately and recruiters struggle to effectively assign jobs and view what candidates they provide. In this post, we will provide insights on how the Greenhouse Agency Portal allows companies to centrally manage their agency partners and maximize their sourcing investment.

Companies tend to leverage multiple agencies to find talent based on their hiring needs. For example, a company may use one agency that specializes in finding engineering talent, another that is known for its expertise in finding great sales reps, and a third that is great at engaging passive candidates. It can be difficult, however, for recruiters to keep track of all this activity across agencies and effectively assign jobs and manage candidates submitted, especially in a parallel process.

Through the Agency Portal, you can easily add agency partners and provide them access to jobs to which they can provide candidates.

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You and your agencies will be able to see the jobs they are assigned.

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Your agencies will be able to submit candidates and see status updates as they move through the funnel.

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When working with your agencies, it’s important to know who is providing the highest quality candidates. By identifying top performers, you can develop closer relationships and maximize your returns while phasing out poor performers.

In Greenhouse, you can get real time data on the performance of your agencies. By accessing the sourcing tab, you can see how many jobs have been assigned to agencies, the number of candidates they have provided, and the number hired. Combine this with the Sourcing Quality Report to see how far into the funnel your agency candidates get, you are able to make informed decisions on how to best optimize your agency sourcing plan.  

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For example, Delphic Digital, a digital creative agency, was able to use this sourcing information to identify its best performing agencies and those that didn't stack up. With this data, the recruiting team developed closer relationships with its top performing agencies in order to better align initiatives and maximize ROI. Low performing agencies were phased out, helping to reduce the company's overall cost to hire.

As you work with agencies, it’s important to align your agency strategy with your overall recruiting processes.  By centrally managing your partners through the Greenhouse Agency Portal and using data to monitor performance, you can become more strategic in your sourcing planning, reduce costs, and maximize your returns from your top performers.

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