How to Overcome Common Hiring Manager Roadblocks

obstaclesRecruiters are essential to the hiring process. But the most important person in a company’s hiring process isn’t the recruiter. And It’s not the candidate. The most important person in the process is the hiring manager.

A hiring manager holds the power to prioritize hiring, define the person you will hire, and ultimately make the decision to hire the person you have worked so hard to find. However, building strong relationships with hiring managers can be challenging, to say the least. Recruiters often lament that it feels like hiring managers are on a different team than they are.

If you ask your recruiters to describe their relationship with their hiring managers, you’ll probably hear: “My hiring manager…  Gives me impossible roles to fill. He ignores my emails and doesn’t give me feedback. My hiring manager doesn’t know how to interview and she doesn’t tell her team what she is looking for. In addition, my hiring manager expects me to do all of the work and then blames recruiting when her team misses project deadlines.”

At the same time, if you ask your hiring manager to describe her relationship with her recruiter you’ll likely hear:  “My recruiter doesn’t communicate with me and doesn’t provide enough information. Recruiting doesn’t find me the right people and takes too long to find candidates. Recruiters also expect me to do too many interviews. And, I mean really, is recruiting so hard?”

Sound familiar? Too often, a relationship exists where recruiters don’t understand or trust their hiring managers, and hiring managers don’t understand or trust their recruiters. Neither side communicates with the other very well. These things create an antagonistic relationship, which ineffective and makes the recruiting process a lot harder.

Effective recruiting only works when you are able to build a partnership with your hiring managers. You build an effective partnership when you trust, communicate often, and make sure you understand each other. This is easier said than done, but the good news is that it is possible!

Over the next few weeks, our Lead Recruiter, Caitlin, will be addressing common hiring manager obstacles and actionable tips on to overcome them. Caitlin recently spoke on this topic in a webinar with Glassdoor. You can view the recording by clicking here, or on the image below.

A few of the obstacles Caitlin covers are:

  1. Hiring managers don’t prioritize recruiting
  2. Hiring managers don’t know what they’re looking for
  3. Hiring managers don’t prep their interviewers
  4. Hiring managers don’t budget time for recruiting
  5. Hiring managers rely solely on recruiting to find candidates

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If you're eager to jump ahead, watch the recording below!

10 Hiring Manager Roadblocks


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