How To Really Know If You’re Providing A Great Candidate Experience

FingersIn a candidate-driven market, it’s important that each person you interview has an excellent candidate experience. There’s an increasing emphasis on the candidate experience, as companies become aware of the impact it has on attracting top talent and generating referrals.

However, it’s hard to get honest feedback from candidates, especially after he or she has been rejected. In most cases, companies simply keep their fingers crossed and remain optimistic that they don’t see a negative review on Glassdoor. There’s simply no easy way to collect feedback - or data - around your candidate experience.

In response to this problem, Greenhouse has recently released a new Candidate Survey feature.

The Candidate Survey feature allows you to configure a short survey to be sent to candidates after they've exited your hiring process.  The feedback you capture will give valuable insight into the other side of your interviews.  To ensure candidate anonymity and accurate data, the survey is sent by Greenhouse on behalf of your organization. Allowing this process to be simple and helpful, all while bettering your hiring needs.  

To learn more about Greenhouse’s features, request a demo below:

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