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gutcheck_greenhouse_blogGutCheck is a Denver-based company known for its great benefits and company culture. The quickly-growing team has taken measures to define and preserve its culture, shaped by what they call the GASI ("give-a-shit") index and top-performing employees. The company’s interview process is set up to ensure candidates have the right attributes to be an A-player.

Chelsea Kress, the Lead Recruiter at GutCheck shares the structure of GutCheck’s interview process, plus the five key attributes they look for in candidates.

Phone Screen - Unlike many organizations, GutCheck does not use any assessments or for roles, technical or not. Chelsea, the lead recruiter, spends 15 to 30 minutes on the phone with candidates to determine whether or not they move forward with the process.

Phone Interview - This interview is conducted by the hiring manager to determine, at a high level, if the background and skills of a candidate fit the needs of the position.

Skills and Competencies Interview - The first of two in-person interviews, the skills and competencies interview assesses whether or not the candidate has the skills of the job and attributes that would make him/her successful at GutCheck. The hiring manager, along with one or two team members, will ask questions directly related to experience and situations of a recent job.

Topgrading Interview - This stage has been cleverly coined the “Couch Session,” meant to signify the informal nature of the interview as well as playfully represent the couch of a psychiatrist. This is because a topgrading interview asks candidates about about their personal and professional timelines, and motivators that drive their decisions. While a candidate talks about his or her chronological experiences, Chelsea’s team looks for four key attributes, nicknamed the “GASI” at GutCheck. GASI stands for the “give-a-shit-index,” measured by individuals who:

  • Have an educated opinion and are willing to share it
  • Apply economic thinking skills
  • Are intellectual, honest and self-aware
  • Foster an environment of trust and respect
  • Are team players

These attributes are listed in GutCheck’s candidate scorecard, and implementing the Topgrading method ensure that interviewers receive meaningful information related to each characteristic.

Debrief - During this stage, the interviewing team reviews feedback in Greenhouse, explicitly runs through each of the GASI attributes and determines whether or not the candidate passes.

References/ Offer Stage

Having a clearly defined interview process is beneficial for GutCheck in many ways - it ensures a positive candidate experience, moves the process along quickly, and provides confidence that new hires are the correct fit for the job and culture.

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