ICYMI: The 10 Most Popular Pieces of Greenhouse Content from the First Half of 2016

The year is officially half over! (Wait, what?!). That’s right—the first 6 months of 2016 have flown by—but not without a trace. At Greenhouse, we introduced a slew of new thought leadership to help you reflect on your recruiting and people practices and take the action necessary to make a measurable impact on your organization. So before we continue our journey through the summer and fall, let’s take a look at which blog posts, video presentations, eBooks, and webinars garnered the most shares and discussion among our growing audience of people-people like you.

Here are some of the most popular and thought-provoking pieces of Greenhouse content from the first half of 2016:

1. [Blog] HR Reinvented: The New People Teams

There’s a shift happening. HR is reinventing itself. The most progressive companies have replaced HR with new People Teams. Learn which modern shifts are driving the transition from HR to People and which defining characteristics and approaches differentiate HR Departments from People Teams. Which one are you?

2. [Blog] The 5 KPIs We Use to Measure Recruiting Success at Greenhouse

What’s the best way to measure the success of our recruiting process? Which recruiting metrics matter—and which don’t—fuel much discussion among industry professionals. At Greenhouse, we’ve settled on the following 5 recruiting KPIs to measure true recruiting success. Do you agree?

3. [eBook] New Hire Onboarding Guide

Structured onboarding not only produces higher employee engagement and retention, but it also increases the volume of employee referrals—the #1 source of new hire quality. This is why making a great first impression through building an effective onboarding process is so important. Our comprehensive eBook walks you through creating a structured onboarding process for your organization.

4. [Blog] 4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Company's Diversity

Diversity is an important topic in our industry right now. Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait explains 4 actions your company can take immediately to meet your diversity goals.

5. [Video Presentation] Measuring the ROI of People Practices: Crafting the Business Case for Unlocking Investment

Let’s face it: Demonstrating the impact of your people practices and getting executive buy-in for the resources you need to achieve them is not always the easiest thing to do. But there actually may be a way to overcome this challenge, and that comes in articulating the lifetime value of new hires. In this session from Greenhouse Open 2016, learn how you can use the ground-breaking concept of ELTV, or Employee Lifetime Value, to your advantage.

6. [Blog] How a Strong Culture Helped Trunk Club Scale from 60 to 550 Stylists in 3 Years

Greenhouse customer Trunk Club is a model for successfully scaling company culture through hypergrowth. Learn the 5 hallmarks of the Trunk Club culture and how the organization’s thoughtful recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes work to support it.

7. [Webinar] How Twitter’s Head of Talent Acquisition Approaches Diversity & Inclusion

Achieving diversity in the workplace is a challenge, but there are actual measures you can take to drive change. Learn directly from Twitter’s Head of Talent Acquisition Steve Wells which strategies Twitter has put in place to achieve its diversity goals, which outcomes they’ve had so far, and how you can follow suit.

8. [eBook] Designing a Structured Interview Process

Small talk and resume review are not the best ways to conduct an interview. These approaches make it difficult to accurately predict a candidate’s success on the job. Instead, implementing a structured interview ensures that you are assessing candidates on what truly matters—their traits, skills, and experience. Our interactive workbook helps you build out a structured interview process for your organization.

9. [Blog] From Lou Adler: A Step-by-Step “How To” for Calculating the ROI of Quality of Hire

Everyone knows that hiring the right people is good for your business. But can you assign a dollar amount to the cost of a good hire? Yes, you can, and taking the time to make this type of calculation can lead to some eye-opening insights into what your recruiting team is doing well…and poorly. HR & recruiting guru Lou Adler shares his critical formula here—and tells us even more in his accompanying webinar.

10. [Blog] Onboarding Theory: When Does Onboarding End?

We know that building out a structured onboarding program and starting the onboarding process early enough are important, but oftentimes, we don’t know how to assess when a new hire has been efficiently onboarded—when, exactly, should onboarding end? This post answers that question by giving us a unique way to think about the employee journey.

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