Listen: Greenhouse Co-Founder Jon Stross on DriveThru HR

Radio-Station-On-Air-800x296Greenhouse’s President and Co-founder Jon Stross recently appeared on an episode of DriveThru HR, HR's #1 daily 30-minute radio program, which covers a range of HR topics such as technology, recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture and more. This episode was hosted by William Tincup, an HR analyst, blogger, and an expert on HR technology adoption.

Jon and William covered quite a lot in just a 30 minute window-- here are a few of the things they discussed, with our favorite quotes from Jon.

About Greenhouse

“Our history is with a lot of the high-growth tech startups. A lot of the Silicon Valley companies like Airbnb, Pinterest and Uber were all early customers of ours. Since then, we've been expanding beyond that... The tool isn't just tuned for these high-growth tech start-ups. It was a good place to start, but anybody who is getting serious about upgrading their recruiting function is finding a lot of value in the product.”

The Partner Ecosystem

“An ATS doesn't live in a vacuum. It's not a stand-alone tool; it's actually part of a very rich existing ecosystem that people already have in their company… What we're seeing is there's so much innovation going on in recruiting technology today-- whether it is sourcing tools or testing tools-- and for any given company to adopt all of that innovation that is happening would be really challenging. And so our view is, if we can be a platform, not simply an application, if we can have nice open APIs and integrate with anyone, then it's a great service both to the partners because it makes it easier to use those tools, but also for our customers it allows them to adopt all of that new stuff seamlessly.”

The Founder Story

“Best practices are pretty much understood. You know, if you're listening to this podcast, you clearly care about recruiting. You’ve probably read Lou Adler's books, and you read Who, everything on ERE, and Fistful of Talent. The best practices are pretty much there. You can read them! Google hasn't figured out some magical algorithm that only they know. The question is, why doesn't everyone do it? Right?

The truth is, if you treat your candidates well. and you do a good job of measuring your sourcing, and understand where to best spend your time and money; if you prepare your interviewers so they actually know what to ask and the relevant questions; if you write down your feedback and then make a quick decision, you're basically in the top 5% of companies.

It's pretty basic. We said, why don't we create a tool… that helps people do the things that will make them great. So we didn't set out on day one and say, let's create a better ATS… We set out and said, let's just help people be great at recruiting.”

Listen to the full podcast below, and follow DriveThru HR and William Tincup on Twitter for updates on future episodes.


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