Meet Greenhouse’s Director of Talent Acquisition Lauren Ryan Who Has Won Greenhouse a Bronze for “Best Advance in Big Data to Inform and Predict Talent Strategy”

Lauren Ryan, Greenhouse’s Director of Talent Acquisition, has just won Greenhouse a bronze medal for “Best Advance in Big Data to Inform and Predict Talent Strategy.” This award, presented by the Brandon Hall Group, recognizes Greenhouse for Excellence in Talent Management, alongside other renowned companies like IBM.

Faced with tremendous recruiting goals at Greenhouse, Lauren has successfully implemented a data-driven strategy to prioritize open roles and transparently communicate recruiting targets to the Greenhouse leadership team.

Lauren has a background in operations, and before joining Greenhouse, worked at Google as a Financial Operations Manager. There, she built the risk and controls team that moves the bulk of the company’s revenue. Lauren joined Greenhouse in 2015 to build and launch our Greenhouse Analytics tool. A self-proclaimed process, data, and scale geek, Lauren shifted her focus to apply the same principles to the people-centric world of talent acquisition.  

At that time, Greenhouse was in hyper-growth mode and needed to hire a lot. However, there wasn't a data-driven strategy behind executing on hiring goals. Lauren, using her expertise in data and scaling, introduced a point system data model that applied data analysis to prioritizing open recs by weighing criteria for each role—such as, difficulty to hire, time spent, and industry demand. With this framework in place, Lauren was able to allocate roles to the recruiting team based on the data model’s point system versus allocating headcount, which is common in the industry.

Lauren’s outstanding data model was recently recognized for HR Excellence by the Brandon Hall Group, giving Greenhouse its first medal in the category.

“I find that recruiting is often thought of as an “art,” because it is so people-centric— you are trying to match people with great jobs, after all! It’s been really interesting to take my previous background in ops and consulting to frame recruiting more like an operational process, with lots of opportunities to optimize along the way. Leveraging a data-driven model for thinking about the recruiting team as a shared resource has been hugely impactful for the team.” - Lauren Ryan

Learn more from Lauren and how she uses data to inform the Greenhouse talent strategy by joining us at this fall’s Greenhouse OPEN Roadshow in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Click the button below for more information!

Greenhouse OPEN Roadshow 2016

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