Recruiting Metrics: Tracking Candidates by Source

recruiting_metricsObviously, if you want to improve your recruiting process, how and where you source candidates will be a major factor. Many organizations can say based on gut feel that 50% come referrals, or LinkedIn, etc. but most don't really have the data to back it up, and without it you really can't make smart decisions about where you spend your time and money.

When you're tracking candidate sources, there's a few things you should look at to get a sense of your performance:

  • How much $ are you spending in total and on each source (agencies, social networks, job boards, etc)?
  • How many candidates do you get from each source?
  • How long does it take to get X candidates (is there a lead time for different sources)?
  • How many candidates are qualified from each source?
  • Do candidates from certain sources always fall out of the process at a certain point?
  • Does source play a role in how slow/quickly candidates move through the pipeline?
  • Where do the great candidates come from? (the short list)
  • Where do candidates that are hired come from?
  • Where do the bad candidates come from?

Knowing where great candidates come from and having the ability to focus your efforts there should not be a limitation of your ATS/recruiting platform. To be competitive at recruiting, you must always be improving your process.

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