Monthly Round-Up: June’s Recruiting Must Reads

recruiting must reads juneThe beginning of summer brings with it the fourth installment of our monthly must-read series. This edition touches on various topics, mostly focused on talent evaluation and interviewing dynamics, with the primary goal of identifying the most suitable candidate for a given opportunity. 

No matter how challenging the hiring process can become, it will always be grounded in finding the best potential in the best people. The key to doing so is by recruiting smart, and constantly optimizing your process so that it maximizes the value of your investments, be it time, money, or other resources. Our June must-read material will give you numerous ideas to consider, and potentially incorporate into your respective recruiting methodologies. It’s important to always keep learning. The recruiting industry continues to evolve as do the countless candidates we are tasked with evaluating on a regular basis.

The Best Way to Hire from Inside Your Company 

According to PhD JR Keller, internal talent acquisition can reap significant rewards if done properly. Keller’s research shows that contrary to initial predictions, candidates identified through internal job postings routinely outperformed those who received internal sponsorships. Why? Several reasons, according to Keller’s scholarly results, most notably that internal job postings encourage the transferal of candidates’ skill sets and knowledge bases across internal organizational boundaries.

Read Keller’s findings in their entirety here. Article written by JR Keller on (@HarvardBiz).

The Ultimate Talent Acquisition Performance Scorecard

Analyst Rob McIntosh has taken the complexity out of scoring talent acquisition performance, and crafted a succinct evaluation template. McIntosh adheres to the “Keep it Simple …” blueprint, and breaks things down into a rudimentary four-quadrant scorecard: 

  • Q1 – Key Performance Indicators
  • Q2 – Challenges
  • Q3 – Initiatives
  • Q4 -- Opportunities

 McIntosh has made it easier to assess talent acquisition performance in a fundamentally sound way. See the complete McIntosh scorecard here. Article written by Rob McIntosh (@TheRobMcIntosh).

Six Interview Questions You Must Ask if You Want to Hire the Best People

After three decades of conducting interviews for positions in start-up environments, Thomas Koulopoulos knows a thing or two about the art of evaluation. Dispensing with the vast array of canned questions in the standard interviewer’s handbook, Koulopoulos offers a six-pack of thought provoking inquiries that will not only gauge a candidate’s interpersonal and technical skills, but also allow the hiring authority to identify the best match for the job based on insight, honesty, and thoughtfulness. 

Read the six interview questions here. Article written by Thomas Koulopoulos (@TKspeaks).

10 Ideas for Effectively Recruiting Passive Candidates

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your recruiting, particularly with passive candidates, consider the following 10 ideas offered by author and recruiting veteran Lou Adler:

1.      Write better job postings.
2.      Capture the person’s intrinsic motivator in your emails.
3.      Personalize the email.
4.      Design a bigger apply button.
5.      Control the conversation.
6.      Talk to people when they don’t want to talk to recruiters.
7.      Be a networker not a cold-caller.
8.      Sell more growth and satisfaction, not more money.
9.      Design a bigger target.
10.  Get your hiring managers 100% involved.

As a former CEO, Adler can attest to the importance of structuring the recruiting process so as to attract, and retain, the highest caliber employees. Adler expounds upon his 10 ideas here. Article written by Lou Adler (@LouA).

The Cover Letter is (Almost) Dead

Career coach, mentor, and Forbes contributor Ashley Stahl explains why the institution of employment searches, the venerable cover letter, may soon go extinct. With factors such as social media and a growing freelancer demographic, the future of candidate searches will render the cover letter archaic and superfluous, thereby sealing its fate. That said, Stahl notes an interesting irony courtesy of her data: 90% of hiring managers admit that they never read cover letters, while 53% of employers prefer candidates who submit cover letters.

Read more of Stahl’s justification for the cover letter’s inevitable demise here. Article written by Ashley Stahl (Ash_Stahl).

The Top 10 Mistakes Made in Hiring Your First Sales Team

Think about the role of a sales team in a given organization, and consider the importance of hiring the right people for your inaugural sales group. One error and you could destroy the team’s cohesiveness, its ability to function properly, or simply stack the deck for its chronic underperformance. Put the odds in your favor by avoiding Jason Lemkin’s top 10 mistakes that can sabotage your hiring efforts. While all the listed pitfalls might not be applicable to your individual situation, each merits consideration as you fine tune your hiring protocols. 

Click here to read Lemkin’s full description. Article written by Jason Lemkin (@jasonlk). 

Learning Recruiting – Shortcuts

Never overlook suggestions for improving your recruiting skills. Here is a list of helpful resource links gleaned from Daniel Portillo’s own research and experience that may be useful. A few easy clicks may yield some valuable insight and information.

Find the links here. Article written by Daniel Portillo (@dan_portillo). 

Building an Army: The Five Habits of Highly Successful Recruiters 

Here is more intriguing feedback and suggestions from a career recruiter. Will Thomson culls five of the best habits for successful recruiters and shares them, explaining the importance and reasoning behind each one. A quick and easy distillation of the five:

1.      Make it personal

2.      Listen

3.      The little details

4.      Positivity

5.      Building an army

Though the list is short, it is long in value! Master the five habits and see how your newfound recruiting strategy can generate profitable results. 

For a detailed look at the five habits of successful recruiters, click here. Article written by Will Thomson on @RecruitingDaily.

Employer Brand And Candidate Experience: A Mighty Fine Line

The first of two inclusions by Forbes contributor Meghan Biro is a fascinating comparison between employer branding and candidates’ experiences. Biro’s data shows a distinct connection between the two, and emphasizes the importance of a strong brand as its own recruiting tool. There’s no better way to enticing high caliber candidates than with dynamic branding.

Biro’s entire piece can be read here. Article written by Meghan Biro (@MeghanMBiro). 

Eight Employer Brand Essentials To Spice Up Candidate Experience 

The second of Meghan Biro’s offerings is a recipe for tech recruiting success. Biro’s eight vital ingredients run the gambit from brand promotion to personal interaction, all leading to a positive experience for recruiter and candidate. Go with Biro’s recommendations and you’ll be cooking during your next recruitment project.

Read a complete description of the eight recruiting ingredients here. Article written by Meghan Biro (@MeghanMBiro).

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