Monthly Roundup - March's Recruiting Must-Reads

must-readsIt can be hard to sift through the endless library of recruiting knowledge offered across the internet. In most cases, there aren’t enough hours in one day to read everything you’re interested in; we get that! Although we have no control over the number of hours in one day, we can arm you with a highlight reel of top-notch reads from across the industry. 

Today, we’re launching a new monthly blog series designed to help you save time and learn more about recruiting, what’s going on across the industry, and ways you can get better at your job. In our first edition of the monthly round-up, our team selected a number of exciting and informative articles to give you some inspiration and motivation for the month ahead. 

1. What If You Could Replace Performance Evaluations with Four Simple Questions?

No matter your opinion of performance evaluations, they’re generally seen in an unexciting light. Research has shown this method of employee assessment leaves workers stressed out and has actually proven to be rather ineffective. Instead, Deloitte is stepping outside the box to find a more impactful and efficient way to evaluate talent performance. 

Learn more about these questions and read the full article at The Washington Post. Article written by @jenamcgregor.

2. 5 Secrets to Success From a Former Head of Talent Acquisition

Dolly Singh, Former Head of Recruiting at Oculus and former Head of Talent Acquisition at SpaceX gives her five secrets to success as follows:

  1. The Art of Pursuit
  2. The Impact of Energy
  3. The Wisdom of Surrender
  4. Be the Driver of your Success
  5. You Get What You Give

Read more about these secrets and why Dingh feels they’re so important to your career success at Inc. Article originally on @Quora.  

3. How the LinkedIn Recruiting Team is Using Data

Data helps drive improvement and alignment in all facets of a business, including recruiting and hiring. Take a look inside how LinkedIn is using a data-driven recruiting methodology, which has proven to help the team engineer its most successful recruiting quarter ever.

Read the article in its entirety at LinkedIn Talent Blog.  Article written by Brendan Browne (@linkedincareers)

4. LinkedIn Data Proves the Impact of a Strong Talent Brand

Many companies may overlook the importance of a strong talent brand, as recruiting, interviewing and hiring take priority. Those three aspects of talent acquisition will become easier if you devote some time to improving your company’s talent brand.

Interested in making your recruiting job just a little bit easier? Learn more from the folks at LinkedIn and read the full article at LinkedIn Talent Blog. Article written by @lysskathryn.

5. Greenhouse Recruiting Optimization Summit: Five Take Aways

Greenhouse put on our first-ever Recruiting Optimization Summit with plenty of exciting guests, including John Sumser, one of the industry’s most influential and forward-thinking figures. Sumser highlights some of the key takeaways he gained from our summit.

Read the full article at KeyInterval Research. Article written by @JohnSumser.

6. Recruiters Nominate Their Favorite Behavioral Interview Questions

Effective interview questions are key to uncovering whether a candidate can perform well in a role. Instead of asking vague "tell me about yourself" questions, behavioral questions better assess a candidates skills and personality. In these interviews, candidates are asked questions about actions they’ve taken in past roles.

In this article, experienced recruiters share their favorite behavioral interview questions.

Read the full article at LinkedIn Talent Blog.  Article written by @ritika_puri.

7. The ROI and Financial Impact of Hiring the A-Team

Loud Adler knows what he’s talking about when it comes to smart recruitment and ways to improve your talent acquisition process. In this article he provides a few reasons why you should rethink the cost of hire and consider the ROI of hiring the A-team. Just a few of his suggestions:

  1. Consider total costs, not just hiring costs.
  2. Think investment and strategy, not cost and tactics.
  3. Rewrite your job descriptions by defining exceptional performance, not an exceptional person.
  4. Benchmark the A-Team to reallocate your sourcing efforts and expenses.
  5. Slow down and spend more time with fewer candidates.

Read the full article at LinkedIn Talent Blog. Article written by @LouA

8. Don’t Ask Me How I Know: Life Lessons Learned From A Life In Recruiting

If you’re a recruiter, you knot that being good at your job takes hard work, motivation and great team members. Whether you’ve been in the industry for 5 years or 20, it’s a safe bet you’ve gained a lot from your work and learned about yourself as well as a lot about others. Recruiting vet Derek Zoller shares lessons learned along the way.

Read the full article at Recruiting Daily. Article written by Derek Zoller on @RecruitingDaily

9. How to Look Beyond the Resume When Hiring

Get a glimpse at what Alicia Navarro, CEO of Skimlinks, thinks about smart recruitment and why it’s important for your team to understand what kind of employees your company is really looking for.

Check out the video at Inc.

10. Marketing v. Recruiting: Who Owns Social Talent Acquisition? You Be The Judge

Is there a push-pull type of relationship between your recruiting team and the marketing department? Regardless of the work environment your team thrives in, it can be difficult to break down the internal silos and properly leverage the various teams underneath your company’s umbrella.

While most companies treat marketing and recruiting as separate internal entities with different goals, it’s evident that the two departments may experience some overlap when it comes to the talent acquisition process. In this article ERE breaks down who should really own social talent acquisition. 

Read the full article at ERE. Article written by @jordioni.

Do you have any favorite articles from the month of March that got you specially jazzed up? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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