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Stephen Croome

Business at Codility

Stephen works for Codility to help companies interview less and hire more.  Codility simplifies technical recruitment by giving you insights into your job candidates’ coding skills and coding behavior before you go through the time consuming task of interviewing them. 


In this post, Stephen shares more information on Codility, the benefits it brings to Greenhouse users, and Codility's two, fundamental tips for securing top technical candidates. 

What is Codility?

At Codility, we create and maintain a curated library of programming tasks. You pick the tasks that match your recruitment needs and send them to candidates to complete online in the coding environment on our website. We then automatically assess the resulting code to filter out candidates that can’t write correct code.

Your candidates get to do what they love - write a piece of software. Within minutes you get detailed evaluation reports so that you can invite only top candidates for follow-up interviews.

So far we have given well over 1,500,000 code assessments and help companies like Sony, PayPal, EA, Nokia, Samsung, MIT and Intel with their hiring

Watch our CEO Greg talk about his experience in hiring developers and why this led to the birth of Codility



How the new Codility integration benefits Greenhouse customers:

Codility’s passion is narrow but deep: automated programming skills assessment. Greenhouse covers the whole hiring process. Our partnership allows you to make Codility tests an integral part of your hiring process. 

  1. Simply connect your Codility and Greenhouse accounts.
  2. Add a Codility test as a stage to your jobs and, with the click of a mouse, send unique test links to your candidates.
  3. Three minutes after your candidates submit their code, you see their test report directly in Greenhouse.
  4. Use the report to decide whether to advance the candidate to the next stage and to define follow up questions for the second stage technical interviews.


Codility’s 2 Fundamental Hiring Tips for Grabbing Great Candidates

Test Fundamental Coding Skills, Not In-house Quirks

Be careful about hiring based on just internal, company specific test questions. A great technical hire is someone who is a good programmer at their core and can apply their skills to any problem or task. After all, you don’t want to end up with someone who can luckily pass your company specific test case but then can’t code your next project. 

Watch Your Candidates Code

Use Codility’s code playback mechanism to see exactly how candidates build their code and to see the thought processes that candidates go through in reaching programming solutions.

Like the idea but need some more insight?

We’ll be happy to run you through the system and/or put you in touch with other users to talk about good practices!  

Contact or give him a call on UK +44 (0) 208 970 78 67 or US 1-855-888-5880 

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