Partner Spotlight: How To Conduct Effective Video Interviews With HireVue

hirevue5We’ve recently partnered with HireVue to make interviewing even easier for Greenhouse and HireVue customers. Learn more about HireVue in this Partner Spotlight!

What is HireVue?

HireVue is a digital interviewing platform that helps organizations improve its in-person, phone and video interviews. Its video interviewing tool helps companies save time and resources by making it easy to send video interview assignments to candidates and collect feedback from teammates asynchronously.

Greenhouse + HireVue

With the integration of the two platforms, Greenhouse and HireVue users can seamlessly navigate between the two systems. HireVue interviews become custom stages within the Greenhouse platform, making it easy for hiring managers to drop a video assignment stage into the hiring plan. Interviewers can provide feedback on recorded interviews as they would for all other interviews.


From Carl Coe, SVP Global Sales at HireVue:

"This is an exciting time to be partnered with Greenhouse. Companies Worldwide are required to identify top talent faster and more efficiently. Greenhouse is on the cutting edge of technology and we are pleased to assist them with a joint integration. Our SaaS based talent interaction platform helps companies and recruiters find the best talent and promotes meaningful interaction with candidates using video-enriched communications. We're able to improve the candidate experience, reduce travel costs, and increase the quality of hire – providing a huge value in the marketplace today."

3 Tips For Successful Video Interviewing

We asked HireVue what their customers do to ensure a successful video interviewing strategy. Here are three ways to make sure yours are a success:

1. Ask the right questions. Video interviews are a great way to gauge a candidate’s character. Ask behavioral and personality-related questions, rather than ones that focus on skills. It will be easy to assess if they are enthusiastic, a strong communicator, or if they can present their thoughts in a logical manner.

Example: Tell me about a time when you overcame a challenge.
2. Plan ahead. Develop questions that address the core competencies in order to find your most qualified candidates or to decide who to move on to the next steps of the interview process.

Example (Customer Success): Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond to help a customer. What was the situation?
3. Take advantage! Video interviews save time for both the recruiter and the candidate. You can rate candidates anytime, anywhere via HireVue's mobile app and the candidate can take the interview anytime, anywhere as well.

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