Recruiter Profile: Helen Laroche, Data-Driven Recruiter at Disqus


Helen Laroche

Helen Laroche

Helen Laroche is a data-driven recruiter at Disqus, a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities. Disqus is currently only 65 employees, but has the future in sight. Helen has helped implement a data-driven recruiting practice that not only helps the company improve its existing processes but also collect data that will be valuable insight for the future.

“I have a particular passion for data analysis – something we have been doing more consciously at Disqus. We look at the data we already have available to us and find other ways to accrue it to figure out insights. We’re not quite large enough to make use of all of the data that we’re accruing, but it’s laying the foundation; if we do it now, we can look at it later.”

Helen uses Greenhouse to track recruiting metrics, such as hiring speed and interview stage conversion rates, to ensure quick turnaround and to identify any blockages. But the data doesn’t end at Time to Hire – Disqus has a forward-thinking approach to its people analytics, administering regular surveys to determine employee happiness and engagement (they use Murmur, byCultureAmp). CultureAmp attributes demographic data to the surveys so that Helen can look at the sentiment data and slice it and dice it by demographic, departments, or the entire company. Ultimately, the company will have end-to-end, data-driven insights, such as source to employee engagement correlation, and how this changes over time.

It comes as no surprise that Helen’s former employer is Google. “At Google, data insights were a prerequisites to getting anything done. Data would back people’s thought process. That included HR; they are thought leaders in People Analytics.” Helen has brought Google’s principles to Disqus, and they are quickly building up a reputation as a company with an investment in its people.


As part of the company culture, Disqus hosts regular game nights. To give prospective employees a glimpse into the environment, Disqus’ Staffing and Retention Manager, Kaeli Bainbridge, used Greenhouse to send an invite to anyone that had come through the recruiting pipeline. This is one activity that is helping build a strong hiring brand at Disqus.

Disqus is a great example of a company who sees talent holistically and uses data to achieve its ideal talent and culture. Learn more about Disqus on their careers page here, and continue to visit the blog for more Recruiter Profiles!

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