Podcast: Recruiting is Broken. Here’s How to Fix it

The most important step to building a great organization is hiring the right people. But for many startups, the pressure to find good candidates without clear direction and process can lead to settling for the wrong hire. 
Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait recently spoke to Charlie O’Donnell on the Startup Recruiting Podcast about how to make smarter hiring decisions by creating the right culture and leveraging data—whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company. 
Check out the episode on Soundcloud or iTunes to learn about:

  • Why it’s so important to arm each interviewer with the right criteria for a role 
  • How you can use what you learn from candidates during an interview to help optimize the search for the right employees
  • What companies that “win” at hiring do differently, and how Greenhouse used these insights to empower other organizations to succeed
  • What’s next in recruiting

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