Recruitment Strategies: How To Use AngelList to Source

angellistIn the last San Francisco TalentOps Meetup, speakers shared several effective sourcing strategies that have been successful for their organizations. We last shared How to Source on Hacker News, but another method of interest was leveraging AngelList, which Quid’s Head of Talent Ouliana Trofimenko says takes little time and zero cost -- with huge gains to your recruiting pipeline.

Why to Recruit on AngelList

If you’re not familiar with AngelList, the website began as a matchmaking platform for early stage investors and entrepreneurs. Today, it’s become a database of startups, investors, and job-seekers. AngelList boasts over 100,000 active candidates, including nearly 30,000 developers, adding 1,500 every week.

Ouliana shares that, each week, there are over 5,500 active technical candidates in San Francisco alone, a great resource for Bay Area recruiters. “I’ve noticed that the response that I get on AngelList is very different from the responses that I get [on other platforms],” she says.

How to Recruit on AngelList

AngelList is entirely free to use for startups, and you can post up to 10 free jobs for free as well. Ouliana says that, much like the dating App Tinder, both parties have to express interest to create a connection. Recruiters can sleuth through profiles, indicate interest, and receive a notification if candidates wish to learn more about the organization. The benefit for recruiters is straightforward: you know that candidates are interested in you before your first discussion. AngelList also provides “suggested candidates” in emails, to help you discover relevant profiles.

Ouliana says that it’s important to build and manage your own company page. Because AngelList is crowdsourced, anybody can create a page for your organization. She recommends adding profiles for the individuals on your team, which recruiters can do themselves, to add value to your page. After putting more effort into Quid’s main AngelList page, she saw the response rate nearly double.

Quid’s Recruiting Results from AngelList in Q3:

  • 4 Jobs Posted: Product, UX, Test, TPM
  • 157 Resumes Submitted (as of November 19th)
  • 28 Phone Screens/ Interviews (conducted with hiring managers)
  • 6 On-Site Interviews Conducted
  • 1 Hire made in Q2

“It takes me five minutes every day. The responses come right into my inbox and I just have to click a button to respond,” she says.

Watch Ouliana's presentation on YouTube below:

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