Saying Hello Successfully: Essential Onboarding Checklists to Give Your New Hire a Great First Week

Your new hire made it through their first day—congratulations! But onboarding isn’t complete just yet. There are so many questions, concerns, and unanticipated issues that arise when someone starts at a new company that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to cover all of them in the first day.

That’s why it’s a good idea to spread out onboarding content over a week or more. That way you can give new hires some time to sync up with their manager and teammates, some time to socialize and familiarize themselves with the office, and some time to connect with executives or senior leadership. Oh, and maybe a moment or two to actually do their job!

We’ve broken down some of the major tasks by the person or team who would most likely be responsible. Use these checklists as a guide to keep everyone on track for week 1!

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People Operations

  • Oversee new hire orientation

  • Organize office social activities

  • Facilitate meetings with CEO and executive leaders

  • Assign a workplace buddy

  • Go over workplace policies

  • Ensure new hires know where to go for additional requests/information/questions

Direct Manager

  • Go over job duties and expectations

  • Present company history and industry overview—or organize the meeting where the CEO can do this

  • Begin regular check-in meetings with the new hire

  • Ensure new hires have all the resources they need to do their job

  • Facilitate introductions/meetings with key partners throughout the company

  • Create employee development plan

Workplace Buddy

  • Take new hire to lunch

  • Go on a walk around the neighborhood

  • Invite new hire for a quick social outing (coffee run, snack break, etc.)

  • Make sure new hire knows about regular company social activities (happy hour, volunteer opportunities, etc.)

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Essential Onboarding Checklists eBook

Melissa Suzuno

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