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Social media is no longer just a group of websites. It is everywhere we look: on TV, phones, tablets—even highway billboards. Social media expansion is growing at tremendous rates. At SiriusDecisions, the leader in Sales and Marketing Research and Advisory services, we embrace social media as a core part of our culture. Our research analysts have identified that “Best-in-class B2B organizations have high internal rates of social media adoption.” (Source: Revolution or Evolution? The State of B-to-B Social Media – Documented by SiriusDecisions)

Given these trends coupled with our culture, it is reassuring to know that Greenhouse has developed a fun and easy way to share jobs on various social networks. 

Finding the right candidate for open positions can be challenging, and often requires a balance of several core competencies. At SiriusDecisions, Talent Acquisition isn’t an individual or team objective, but rather a community approach. Our employees love to refer us candidates and we have an incentive program in place to reward employees for great referrals.  

Job sharing on social networks enables our team to have an unparalleled reach with their networks, which leads to awesome candidate referrals, and ultimately more quality hires.

Greenhouse makes it easy for our employees to share jobs on their favorite social networks as well as to keep track of candidates that apply through their respective posts. Here are some helpful tips to be an ACE at social sharing through Greenhouse:

  • Activate your social networks in Greenhouse
  • Configure default templates with proper text, length, and hashtags for each network (See image below)
  • Encourage your employees to schedule posts for one or multiple jobs to help spread the word (we like the monthly post option to help minimize spam)

At SiriusDecisions, everyone rallies around the recruiting process, which helps drive our collaborative community culture.

Recruiter Drew Scharf put it this way: "The seamless integrations and tools that Greenhouse utilizes paired with our efforts to increase the awareness surrounding referral incentives have greatly increased our employee participation rates."

Below is an example of one of our social sharing posts that was created with a single click.

In conclusion, applying ACE enables all employees in your community to be engaged in the talent acquisition process; plus, it’s fun!

Want to learn more about how to activate your employee network to boost referrals? Download your copy of "How to Build a Strong Employee Referral Program" by clicking on the button below. 

Kevin Blanco

This post was co-authored by Kevin Blanco and Lynn Gaudio. Kevin is Vice President, Business Systems Operations at SiriusDecisions and is responsible for managing internal business systems operations, driving technology simplification, maturing process automation, and leading Technology procurement.

Lynn Gaudio is Director, Strategic Talent Solutions at SiriusDecisions. Lynn is responsible for managing global talent acquisition and vendor relationships. 

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